ADVIA Chemistry XPT System
An advanced automated clinical chemistry analyzer for high-volume laboratories

ADVIA Chemistry XPT System
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ADVIA Chemistry XPT System
ADVIA Chemistry XPT System
Chemistry analyzer connected to automation

Increase productivity with high throughput of up to 2400 tests per hour and seamless connectivity to Siemens Healthineers automation solutions.

VeriSmart Technology Onboard

Improve turnaround time and accuracy of results with the unique combination of VeriSmart® Technology, micro-volume technology, and aliquot retention.

Easy-to-use software
Simplify Operations

Simplify operations with intuitive software for comprehensive management of data and system functions, including advanced reporting capabilities.

Load most system fluids on the fly
Uninterrupted Processing

Enhance efficiency through uninterrupted processing when loading and unloading most system fluids.

The ADVIA® Chemistry XPT System provides timely, reliable results with continuous operation to meet the chemistry workloads of the most demanding laboratories.

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