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Your day is full of decisions: for efficient workflows and beneficial therapies, for a better quality of care and a larger quantity of cases. Simplify your decisions – with syngo1.via imaging software for 3D reading and advanced visualization.

syngo.via is great in clinical efficiency
Combine quality with simplicity. The imaging software syngo.via is your key to an intelligent automation of routine tasks. It supports your radiology workflows with intelligent work aids like anatomy recognition and structured, rich-media reporting.
Discover the core expertise of syngo.via: 3D reading and advanced visualization. It offers you an ocean of information for preparing diagnoses or supporting sound treatment decisions, for example in oncology or cardiology.
syngo.via provides you with a new level of quality and efficiency to your viewing, reading, and reporting processes – from diagnostics to therapy, from routine to research.

Intelligent work aids

Save time throughout the reading and advanced visualization workflow: syngo.via offers you intelligent work aids like anatomy recognition and automation of routine tasks.

Clearer reports. Better service.

Discover the efficient generation of high quality reports: syngo.via provides you with special tools and special comfort for structured and rich-media reporting. Meet your referrers’ needs with your “diagnostic business card”.

Viewing and reading on the go – with syngo.via WebViewer

syngo.via WebViewer is the ideal solution for fast and easy image access. Even physicians outside radiology can faster start pre-planning the next steps in the patient treatment.

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Intelligent work aids

Intelligent work aids

Benefit from procedures without detours. syngo.via1 imaging software provides you with intelligent tools and technology for excellent working conditions in each case and at every step in reading. We have rethought it anew:

  • From the computer-aided detection tools to the Rapid Results Technology – the convenience of clarity and productivity.
  • From a clear user interface for intuitive operations to ALPHA intelligent anatomy recognition.


syngo.via helps you save time throughout the reading workflow and provides you with quick access to all the information you need. Welcome to a standard on a syngo.via level.
Get to know some of the intelligent work aids and concepts that make reading and reporting with syngo.via so easy and efficient:


Discover with syngo.via imaging software the right usability – reduced to the essentials.

  • With a clear and modern user interface
  • One operating concept across all modalities and applications
  • Self-explanatory, labeled icons for your tools
  • Clear and easy Patient Browser for a fast case orientation

You and your staff will love the clear look and feel and the ease of use. It helps you improve your results – in efficiency, quality and utilization. At the end of the day, reading and reporting becomes a process that pays off. And finally, this affects your return on investment.

syngo.via provides intelligent work aids, like anatomy recognition, allowing it to identify human anatomy: ALPHA technology helps to create consistent views and reconstructions with respect to the underlying anatomy. Based on the ALPHA anatomy recognition syngo.via prepares you an optimal presentation of your case. It chooses the right view of your region of interest, improves consistency in image alignment, and automatically labels ribs and vertebrae. So you can start immediately with your specific task: the case evaluation.

Be always up to date: the Online Help from syngo.via imaging software provides you with fast and convenient access to all the information you need. Get fast support in a convenient solution area:

with user generated content and integrated tutorial videos, quick access lists,and dynamic linking of related topics. 

You can simply search as you type: it will auto-complete. It all adds up to the right help.

Structured & rich-media reporting

Clearer reports. Better service.

Referrers are important business partners for radiologists. They want a sound base for their diagnostic or therapeutic decisions – easy to understand and easy to communicate. Now, both can speak the same language: with structured and rich-media reporting in syngo.via1 imaging software. Discover the efficient generation of high-quality reports. You can manage and integrate all findings in your report – fast and structured to meet your referrers’ needs.

Bridging the workflow gap between advanced visualization and reporting solutions, the syngo.via advanced reporting3 functionality gives you a quick and clear overview of all important findings, including key images and graphics.
syngo.via reports are very convenient for your referrers. They will appreciate a single, clear and well-structured document with all relevant findings combined with new multimedia possibilities.

Explore, how successfully you will bind your referrers and how easily you enhance the understanding of radiological findings for the patients. An intelligent service that improves your reports into a “diagnostic business card” of your radiology department.
Last not least, syngo.via offers miscellaneous options for exporting structured data from your structured reports, supporting for example data mining purposes in the context of research and statistics.

Viewing & reading on the go

Viewing and reading on the go – with syngo.via WebViewer

syngo.via WebViewe4 is the ideal solution for fast and easy image access.


Radiologists often need to take a quick look at images in time critical cases but might not be in front of a workstation or not even on the hospital campus. Also clinicians outside the radiology department sometimes depend on time consuming walks over to a radiology department for image access.

With syngo.via WebViewer, radiologists and physicians can contribute to patient care virtually anywhere, anytime1. They can access the images directly on a computer connected to a diagnostic grade monitor for a second opinion.


Image access from outside radiology also helps smoothen collaboration between radiologists and internal referrers. With syngo.via WebViewer you can illustrate and discuss results with patients, clearly, confidently and convincingly - without the need for a workstation, directly at the bedside.