Siemens Healthineers Cookie Notice

Date: July 2024

The following Cookie Notice describes how, and which cookies and other similar technologies Siemens Healthineers uses when you visit Siemens Healthineers websites. This Cookie Notice applies to the websites operated by the Siemens Healthineers company referred to under “Corporate Information.”

When you visit Siemens Healthineers websites, information is stored on your device in the form of a "cookie." Cookies are small files that a website stores on your device and that save and send certain settings and data regarding your interaction with our pages to us via your browser. Personal data like IP-Address, created User IDs, timestamps and preferences is processed. Other technologies that perform functions usually performed by a cookie, such as pixels or HTML local storage are also used. These technologies also store or access information on your device. We will use the generic term ‘cookies’ in this notice to refer to cookies and similar technologies.

Depending on your consent, we use cookies to personalize content and ads, to store your preferences, to analyze traffic to our website or to offer social media features. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners, if you consent to this.

Which legal basis does Siemens Healthineers rely on?

We use preference, statistics, and marketing cookies in accordance with your consent. You have the choice by making your selection in the cookie banner of whether only the cookies that are technically necessary for the operation of the websites will be used, or whether you would like to allow additional cookies. We also activate statistic and marketing cookies only after your actively given consent, so that we can recognize you on our pages and measure the success of our campaigns, as well as preference cookies, with which we can address you better.

The legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent and our legitimate interest in operating the websites.

You can withdraw your consent and adjust the cookie settings at any time on the Cookie Notice page via the "Review and change cookies" button. You can also decline, accept, and delete cookies by adjusting the settings in your browser. The help function in your browser describes how to adjust the cookie settings. As a result, the cookie will be deleted, and no further personal data is processed. After the deletion of the cookies the personal data is anonymized since the data can then no longer be linked to a natural person. If marketing consent has been given and the data collected by the cookies has already been added to a profile, the data will be processed for personalization until the marketing consent is withdrawn.  If you wish the deletion of your data, please send an email to:

Deletion period

The cookies are deleted accordingly, as described below for each cookie, unless the cookie is not deleted via the respective device settings beforehand.

What types of cookies are used on our websites?

We use different types of cookies on our websites, depending on their function and purpose: technically necessary cookies, preference cookies, statistics cookies, and marketing cookies.

Technically necessary Cookies
These cookies enable basic functions of our websites. They are essential for accessing our websites and using the websites' basic functions. Without the use of these cookies, the website cannot be used or cannot be used properly. For example, they enable navigation on the website or access to secure website areas. Technically necessary cookies are, for instance session cookies, that save user settings or opt-out cookies and cookie consent settings with which the cookie settings for the website are saved and can be adjusted if necessary.

Preference Cookies
Preference or personalization cookies allow to adapt our web pages to your preferences in terms of behavior or appearance. They also store information that you have already entered (e.g., user ID or region) in order to offer you convenient, personalized functions. These cookies also make it possible to recognize which data has already been collected from you and which content you have consumed. This data is used to progressively personalize your user profile and the information shown on the website. If you give also marketing consent via our website the data which is collected through preference cookies can be combined in a profile with data from all sources, you use to get in contact with us to personalize our communication with you.

Statistics Cookies
Statistics cookies help us to understand the interaction with websites by collecting and reporting information pseudonymously. In general data collected by statistics cookies are for statistical purposes only (e. g. analyzing and reporting visitor interactions with a website). Statistics cookies allow an analysis of the use of the website to improve the performance of the websites and their usability or to detect and correct errors. For this purpose, statistics cookies collect, for example, information about the Internet browser and operating system used, the domain name of the website you have previously visited, the number of visits, the average duration of the visit and the pages accessed. The information collected with the help of cookies is summarized and analyzed in such a way that it cannot be assigned to a specific person without combining it using other information. If you give also marketing consent and accept the preference cookies the data which is collected through statistics cookies can be combined in a profile with data from all sources, you use to get in contact with us to personalize our communication with you.

Marketing Cookies
Marketing Cookies and smart pixels originate from external advertising companies (third party cookies) and/or external providers. They are used to collect information about the websites you visit, including subpages, products searched for, clicked on and purchased, offers, ads and information, in order to create targeted content for the visitors and play out content based on the interests. For example, they register whether a website has been visited and what content has been used.

It is also used to limit the frequency with which an ad appears and to measure and improve the effectiveness of offerings. We also share information about the use of our websites with our partners for social media, advertising, and analytics or cookies are linked to third-party site functionalities. Our partners may combine this information with other information that you have provided to them or that they have collected as part of your use of their services. These cookies enable us to offer you more relevant content tailored to your interests and to show you personalized content. If you give also marketing consent and accept the preference cookies the data which is collected through marketing cookies can be combined in a profile with data from all sources, you use to get in contact with us to personalize our communication with you.

Which cookies are used on the Siemens Healthineers websites?


If you have any further questions about our Cookie Notice, please click on “Contact” to send us your questions and suggestions. You can find more information regarding data privacy in the Privacy Notice.


We keep our Cookie Notice under regular review to make sure it is up to date and accurate. The date of the last update can be found at the beginning of this Cookie Notice. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to check for any updates that may have been made.

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