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Syngo Carbon Patient Access

Elevate the patient commitment

Syngo Carbon Patient Access provides patients with a simple view of all health data and records. By empowering patients to make informed healthcare decisions, Patient Access is the foundation for truly patient-centric care.

  • Improve the patient experience with a digital-first platform.
  • Access patient health records in one place.
  • Securely access personal data.  

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Syngo Carbon1 is a new enterprise imaging and reporting solution from Siemens Healthineers. Designed to improve patient care, Syngo Carbon opens possibilities in image interpretation, reporting, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and data management. Syngo Carbon provides extensive tooling and open data models across modalities in one integrated and user-friendly workspace.

Syngo Carbon Patient Access
  • Patient Access features the award-winning Siemens Healthineers User Interface design (SHUI), creating a simple and intuitive user experience. 
  • Patient images are shared electronically, saving time and costs.
Syngo Carbon Patient Access
  • Patients are empowered with access to all health data. 
  • Patient data is accessible any time and from anywhere. 
  • Both the patient and physician jointly decide which data should be accessible. 
  • Comprehensive patient overview helps care team collaborate more efficiently.
Syngo Carbon Patient Access
  • The patient’s mobile device is authorized to access respective data. 
  • All data is fully encrypted and only available on the user’s mobile device for a defined period. 
  • Access to data expires automatically and data is permanently deleted from mobile devices.

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