syngo Virtual CockpitMove knowledge, Not staff

Watch how remote scanning with syngo Virtual Cockpit has helped ImageCare Radiology increase access to care across New Jersey in times of constant staff shortages. 

syngo Virtual Cockpit1 is Siemens Healthineers multi-vendor and multi-modality remote scanning software. The first FDA-cleared multi-vendor remote scanning software, syngo Virtual Cockpit can allow users to achieve a higher level of standardization and diagnostic consistency. By enabling virtual access to experts, syngo Virtual Cockpit allows care teams to increase productivity and provide the highest quality of care in all locations.

  • Securely connect to multiple vendor's CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, PET/CT, SPECT/CT, and PET/MR scanners within a fleet – independent of their location.2
  • Offer remote scanning support to multiple locations at the same time.
  • Easily share in-house expertise and train new staff on the job through a secure communication platform.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction by improving accessibility of scanners and experts close to home.
  • Enhance talent retention by providing new career paths and the flexibility of working from anywhere.


syngo Virtual Cockpit - boost staff confidence

  • Become an employer of choice by offering your staff to work more flexible regarding working locations
  • Recruit staff from outside your usual area
  • Boost your staff's confidence through easy and immediate knowledge sharing
  • Connect teams across your locations

Syngo Virtual Cockpit - improve availability

  • Save patients travel time and costs by offering all your standard procedures at all locations3
  • Enhance patient safety and avoid inter-hospital transportations and scan-delays for at-risk patients by offering all your procedures at all locations
  • Offer appointments sooner with higher scanner throughput

syngo Virtual Cockpit - remote scanning assistance

  • Utilize remote expert assistance for rare and challenging examinations
  • Offer all kinds of examinations across your network – even at smaller or more remote facilities
  • Maximize patient throughput by remotely steering three systems at the same time
  • Choose from flexible payment options

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