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syngo.via Frontier1 is Syngo Carbon‘s innovative research platform. Discover the potential of advanced post-processing research applications, seamlessly integrated in the Syngo Carbon Space2

  • Explore innovative research applications 
  • Develop innovative applications for research 
  • Share innovation and connect with colleagues
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Syngo Carbon1 is a new enterprise imaging and reporting solution from Siemens Healthineers. Designed to improve patient care, Syngo Carbon opens possibilities in image interpretation, reporting, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and data management. Syngo Carbon provides extensive tooling and open data models across modalities in one integrated and user-friendly workspace.

syngo.via frontier
  • Get access to syngo.via1 research applications 
  • Develop research ideas based on applications included in syngo.via Frontier 
  • Research applications are easily downloadable from the Digital Marketplace1 and integrated in syngo.via and the Syngo Carbon Space
syngo.via frontier
  • Utilize the Frontier Development Kit or any other programming environment to turn research ideas into actionable code 
  • Find clinical partners for the evaluation of research applications 
  • Perform clinical studies even across multi-center institutions with high reproducibility 
  • Exchange ideas and research application with an international community of experts in the Frontier User Forum and the Developer Community
syngo.via Frontier
  • Connect directly with key opinion leaders and the Siemens Healthineers development teams 
  • Simply share self-programmed research applications with colleagues through easy data-transfer methods 
  • Publish research applications on the Digital Marketplace alongside the Frontier Research Applications

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Synergized Research & Innovation

Advance clinical potential with open access to integrated software from Siemens Healthineers and 3rd parties.

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Cutting-edge clinical applications from Siemens Healthineers and partners.


Our integrated imaging software features AI-powered applications and fast multi-modality and multi-disciplinary 3D and 4D reading.

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