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syngo fastView1 is a standalone viewer for DICOM2 images provided on DICOM exchange media. It can be used on any Windows PC - not allowed on medical workstations. Its operating concept is based on the easy-to-use syngo philosophy; Learn one - know all. 


can be used to view images on CD-ROM or DVD. Most of the newly released syngo-speaking Modalities and Workstations are equipped with the option to burn syngo fastView together with clinical images to CD-ROM or DVD.

These images can be viewed directly from CD-ROM or DVD without installing the software (installation is optional). Please contact your sales representative for more details.

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1syngo fastView is not a medical device and therefore not permitted for diagnostic use. Consequently syngo fastView cannot be run on Siemens Medical Workstations.

2DICOM = Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.