PACS in radiology

As radiology department caseloads increase with the consolidation in the healthcare industry and the aging population, institutions need to stay competitive with their reading and reporting performance. A powerful Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that is expandable for the future is inevitable. To improve clinics' imaging workflows, images must be available across departmental boundaries and with mobile access.

Viewing, reading, image sharing, and archiving are core processes. Your PACS is the radiology centerpiece that should be designed for frequent, heavy use, supporting users with robust performance, intuitive operation, and intelligent reading tools.
syngo.plaza1 is the smart PACS workhorse for reading and reporting a large variety of cases – from routine to complex. It brings 3D technology to everyday reading, within your PACS, and opens up powerful storage capacities, enabling vendor-neutral archiving, even enterprise-wide2.

The approach of deconstructing the PACS combines best-of-breed solutions for archiving, workflow, and viewing needs. So each component follows an individual optimization in itself and gains an additional overall value for managing the institutions imaging informatics assets.

Furthermore the consolidation of enterprise-wide radiological and clinical data – with one multi-specialty archiving solution is the basic idea of enterprise imaging.
syngo.plaza is a highly scalable, modular PACS solution that lets you connect, integrate, and manage all IT components effortlessly – today and tomorrow – from vendor-neutral archiving up to enterprise-wide solutions3.

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The average lifespan of a PACS is between seven and 10 years. Consequently a lot of current PACS systems do no longer correspond with the needs of modern institutions. They are too slow, produce downtimes, and don’t support the latest workflows. For sure, PACS replacement is on the agenda.

How to proceed your PACS system replacement

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