Go for a new PACS system – it's worth the investment!

Maximize your productivity with state-of-the-art routine reading tools.
Smart PACS replacement
A successful PACS replacement starts with a thorough advice for all parties involved.

While the population is aging the caseloads in radiology departments are increasing. How can you keep up without compromising in reading performance? In the long run a powerful Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) will be inevitable. Delaying PACS replacement can have serious consequences in terms of sustainable business success and maximizing productivity for fast reading turnaround times. What adds to that are the evolving requirements of referring physicians and patients. The question is: What are the indicators and reasons to identify with certainty that your current PACS no longer corresponds to the needs of your institution?

The average system lifespan of a PACS system lies between six and 10 years. Furthermore, IT changes and regulatory requirements start to diminish the efficiency almost right away.

A large variety of different demands determine the need of renewal:

Market demands:

  • Insufficient 3D functionalities for routine reading
  • Lacking state-of-the-art workflow tools
  • Nonexistent modularity for e.g. additional archiving extensions

Clinical aspects:

  • Weak loading performance for series and images
  • Workflow tools do not meet usability aspects
  • Non-intuitive user-interface

Technology aspects:

  • No adequate customization functionalities
  • Missing scalability and upgradeability
  • Incompatibility with current security standards
PACS replacement

Make up your mind about the goals you want to reach with your new PACS system. Is it, for example, better performance, higher stability or up-to-date-technology you’re interested in? Decide where to focus on: Increasing the efficiency of your clinical workflows as well as implementing a scalable and modular PACS system that adapts easily to changes in the structure of your facility. A PACS replacement brings all of this within reach but at the same time it calls for a wellfounded evaluation of the current and future needs, a sound planning process and a solid implementation.

What are your requirements regarding your new PACS system? A thorough evaluation provides a solid basis for the next steps.

Is everyone and everything on board? Thoughtful planning prepares staff and environment for the PACS replacement.

Ready for take-off? Make PACS replacement reality! From installation to PACS data migration and customization.

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