Being PAMA ready doesn’t have to be a challenging task!

How can you better prepare for the upcoming mandate?Being PAMA ready doesn’t have to be a challenge

Selecting and deploying the Clinical Decision Support solution that meets your specific needs can seem complex, especially with regulation-mandated changes. You may have legitimate worries about ease of use, physician-to-physician communication, and keeping up with imaging guidelines. These will all impact your clinical operations and physician and patient experiences.

What if you could ensure the right order the first time? You could optimize the diagnostic experience by improving indication capture and aligning strong evidence to ensure physicians are only engaged on cases where there is a high potential for positive impact.

Learn how you can optimize your clinical operations with Medicalis Clinical Decision Support. It can help you drive the right order the first time, while reducing waste, delays in care, and improving communication.

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The Medicalis Clinical Decision Support Mechanism provides a proven, evidence- based targeted approach focusing on specific modality, indication and clinical area aligning with Priority Clinical Areas (PCAs) for content delivery. Therefore, ensuring physicians are only engaged on cases where there is high potential for positive impact on patient care, increasing quality of service and providing added value.

With multiple portal and integration options, Medicalis Clinical Decision Support can help you successfully meet the PAMA 2020 mandate

It’s the next generation in the delivery of knowledge and management of diagnostic imaging utilization. Using intuitive design when requesting imaging consultation, referring providers are presented with relevant information and evidence aids to help them decide what imaging procedure to use, ensuring “the right order, first time!”

To avoid alert fatigue and reduce physician’s disengagement, Medicalis Clinical Decision Support solution flexibility provides you with choices to gradually implement a CDS solution that is most suitable for your institution’s needs. Starting with only implementing the Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) that is aligned with the Priority Clinical Areas (PCAs) specified by CMS to meet the PAMA mandate. You have the choice to expand to other AUCs beyond the mandate at a later date.

Different access options to the Medicalis Clinical Decision Support Mechanism are also available, such as multiple portal-based solutions and EMR integration options.

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