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Remote scanning assistance

The syngo Virtual Cockpit portfolio¹

Even in times of staff shortage and high workloads, you can provide your examinations at all your locations – because your experts are available everywhere. Patients can be provided access to nearby scanner sites and they can be scheduled quickly with shorter wait time.

The syngo Virtual Cockpit portfolio enables you to provide comprehensive remote scanning capabilities with either your expert or ours assisting on exams. These experts can remotely support your Patient-Side Operators by performing routine and complex procedures, covering staffing gaps, and making additional resources available.

syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite (on-site, single-scanner)

1. syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite (on-site, single connection) 

  • Remote on-site access to one scanner at a time through any networked computer within your facility 
  • Provides full-screen displays and allows total mouse control 
  • For CT, MR, MR-PET, PET/CT, SPECT/CT scanners
syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite (on-site, single-scanner)

2. Full syngo Virtual Cockpit software (on-site, multiple connections)

  • Real-time knowledge sharing 
  • Live video, audio, and chat functions 
  • Collaboration with up to three scanning workplaces simultaneously 
  • For CT, MR, MR-PET, PET/CT, SPECT/CT scanners

syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite (on-site, single-scanner)

3. WeScan³ (off-site, multiple connections)

  • Real-time knowledge sharing 
  • Request remote scanning assistance from a Siemens Healthineers Expert Steering Technologist 
  • Up to three workplaces can be scanned simultaneously 
  • For MR

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