syngo Virtual Cockpit Customer Stories

How your peers are managing complex demands with remote scanning assistance

Virtually leverage your expert technologists’ knowledge in real-time

Your most experienced technologists enable your staff to perform complex exams with consistency and confidence—delivering outcomes that matter to patients, providers, and performance goals.

But your organization, like many others, only has a limited number of expert technologists. How can you improve overall exam quality, increase consistency across staff, and streamline protocols—with your existing staff?

Your peers are accomplishing these goals with remote scanning assistance software. Learn how syngo Virtual Cockpit1 has impacted their patient care, departmental efficiency, and organizational goals.

Find out how AdventHealth in Florida used remote scanning assistance to expand access to complex MRI exams without growing its existing staff.

Discover how remote scanning assistance enables University of Missouri to improve access to care, solve staffing challenges, and share expertise.