Image Sharing & Archiving (ISA)

Features & Benefits

ISA provides a holistic, patient-centric view for all imaging data and unifies enterprise image management and archiving tasks beyond classical departmental or hospital boundaries. In addition, ISA: 

  • This standards-based system makes it possible for all your authorized medical imaging application users to store and access the data regardless of the PACS vendor source. ISA offers a flexible archive solution for hospitals and medical imaging facilities to allow clinicians to quickly access patient imaging data across multiple PACS systems in the enterprise. The system can also be used as an IHE XDS-I.b image exchange mechanism. 
  • Provides cloud hosting through the safe, secure, and powerful Siemens Healthcare Computing Center (HCC). The world-renowned HCC provides high business continuity and HIPAA-enabling security, averaging more than 200 million secure healthcare transactions per day. 
  • The ISA service is a combination of on-site and off-site managed storage in a secured data center. The on-site Edge server provides for X TB of data cache providing faster on-demand access, and distribution, while the Siemens and Dell datacenters maintain the permanent data retention. 
  • Exchanges information on an enterprise level, with referrers, within a Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) or a regional network based on HL7, DICOM standards, and the IHE XDS/XDS-I.b profiles. 
  • Provides extended services such as DICOM tag morphing because of Siemens long history in healthcare imaging. 
  • Vendor neutrality is guaranteed due to the collaboration with Dell through its application software and back-up datacenters. 
  • Provides pricing based on an operational cost model versus a capital cost. The service-level agreement (SLA) is procedure volume-based. 

Technical Specifications

The Siemens Healthcare Private Cloud
Siemens, one of the most trusted names in healthcare technology around the world, has been securely providing private cloud computing services to the healthcare industry for more than 40 years. The Siemens Healthcare Private Cloud (HCC) is one of the most modern, most effective, and easiest to implement delivery models we offer.

Our private healthcare network, with medical grade infrastructure, and highly qualified personnel provides our nearly 1,000 healthcare customers with the highest possible levels of data security, availability, and performance. The HCC processes more than 225 million transactions per day, and is fully capable of meeting and exceeding your processing needs.

Medical Grade Infrastructure—Not Your Typical Cloud
The cloud computing model’s key attributes allow for metered and scalable IT capabilities, delivered as a service using cloud-based technologies. While a number of cloud computing implementations are globally recognized, their services are not tuned to handle sensitive and intimate health transactions and information. The requirements of healthcare are unique; safety and security are of the utmost importance for protected health information (PHI), as required by HIPAA.

Providing Superior Availability and Security
When it comes to your applications, nothing is as important as high availability and security of data. The Siemens Healthcare Computing Center (HCC) delivers both. The HCC combines an uninterrupted operations infrastructure with more than 40 years of operational discipline, and advanced security technology and processes. Achieving better than 99.998 percent network availability and processing more than 225 million transactions per day, the HCC is fully capable of meeting and exceeding your data management, sharing and archiving requirements.

Technical Details

Dell is the leading provider of IT Services for healthcare customers, giving them the Power to do more in an information-driven healthcare environment.

Dell partners with Siemens to provide a secure, scalable cloud-based solution for their Image Sharing & Archiving platform - ISA.

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