syngo.via OpenApps

syngo.via OpenAppsYour gateway to innovation

With OpenApps, syngo.via connects to the Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem. You can benefit from the integrated store that is your new way to organize and discover apps from Siemens Healthineers and other vendors – directly on your syngo.via. The store enables you to browse, download, and test apps as well as request quotations.



Enhance your workflow with syngo.via OpenApps
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syngo.via OpenApps

syngo.via OpenApps provides you direct and open access to a world of innovation. Get access and run an ever-growing variety of clinical applications from Siemens Healthineers and our partners – directly on your syngo.via.

With only one click, apps are installed within minutes after download for all your clients to use, thus fitting seamlessly into your clinical workflow. They have been scanned for security vulnerabilities and integrated into the safe environment of syngo.via by Siemens Healthineers. 

In short: it’s your invitation to more innovation. 

Why use syngo.via OpenApps?

Smart and growing portfolio

  • Increase clinical capabilities with apps from Siemens Healthineers and partners
  • Benefit from an evolving app portfolio without any additional infrastructure investment
  • Flexibly subscribe to products offered without additional service charges

Fast access to innovation

  • Browse the Siemens Healthineers store and instantly trial
  • One-click installation on a central server – and apps are ready to use for all clients
  • Security scanned by Siemens Healthineers

Seamless user experience

  • Unique user experience through full range of functionality from your syngo.via
  • Seamless integration of apps in your existing IT environment
syngo.via OpenApps

syngo.via OpenApps is the right way to make it real: You become part of a platform that makes your innovation visible and usable for a large customer base. Covered by our global brand, you benefit from worldwide marketing opportunities and a wide research environment to predevelop apps. In addition, you can rely on a full lead and sales transparency as well as a fast integration and rollout with zero effort – to accelerate your time to market.

OpenApps is your access to all syngo.via customers in Europe and the U.S.. It leads you directly into the growing market of clinical apps – including high IT security, stable APIs, and a consultation service with a personal partner manager.

In sum: it’s the direct link to your new customer potential.

Why partner with Siemens Healthineers?
Expand market reach

  • Take advantage of the Siemens Healthineers brand and reputation
  • Reach every customer with the latest syngo.via version in the U.S. and EU – and join us in expanding the market internationally
  • Benefit from marketing opportunities in the store and gain visibility in other Healthineers channels

Improve efficiency

  • Benefit from the experience and consultancy of your personal partner manager
  • Receive full lead and sales transparency
  • Zero effort for rollout due to syngo.via server–client architecture and full clinical as well as IT integration

Speed up innovation

  • Accelerate time to market through an automated distribution channel
  • Stable APIs based on industry standards and release- independent deployment ensure smooth launch
  • Use our research environment to predevelop apps and get initial user feedback


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