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The connecting Element that gives rise to Knowledge1

If you know better, you can do better. That´s how you can achieve better patient care. Syngo Carbon1 enables you to break down barriers in Enterprise Imaging and Reporting. It provides holistic insights across departments and responsibilities in order to support you in meeting certain decisions along the patient pathway.

Syngo Carbon is a software environment for the clinical setting that opens up a wide range of possibilities in image interpretation, reporting, AI and data management. With its easy access to innovation and open source and third-party functionalities, Syngo Carbon is a new breed that goes far beyond PACS.

But what is it?

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The amount of data generated in clinical workflows is out of balance, and the situation is becoming increasingly worse. Syngo Carbon can leverage this by bringing all relevant data into one location – the Open Patient Data Model – to generate actionable insights that allows for more certainty in decision making and to enable AI that elevate clinical routines.

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Syngo Carbon is a whole new approach - a holistic and open backbone for Enterprise imaging and reporting. It brings many tools into one frontend and it combines all relevant Data into one spot. Syngo Carbon is not just a tool for displaying and storing DICOM images like a PACS. And its not only designed for radiology departments. Syngo Carbon is designed for real outcomes in all relevant enterprise wide scenarios such as image interpretation, reporting, communication and IT administration.

A whole new approach  

Syngo Carbon is designed to do many things, but no, it is not complicated or complex, these three building blocks provide you an easy entry to this new species.


Many into One – It all starts with our Open Patient Data Model, the foundation from which data from your existing and future IT landscapes will be leveraged. On top is our unified reading environment which provides easy access to image interpretation across departments.


Just use it – Syngo Carbon fits your needs. Pick and choose the modules and functions relevant to you. Build your custom environment so that care teams across the enterprise can collaborate to make the best treatment decisions for their patients.


Access all areas – Utilize remote access technologies such as remote scanning, patient and physician portals and point of care access to reduce the impact of staff shortages, increase patient and physician engagement and support care teams.

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Syngo Carbon is designed for all scenarios from a single workstation to an enterprise wide implementation. The unified user interface allows short adoption times, making switching between systems simple for your staff. The architecture allows you to constantly grow and evolve, adjusting to your staffing, strategy and infrastructure requirements.

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Digitalization changes the way how software provider and customers interact. Syngo Carbon is no box of software. Syngo Carbon is meant to constantly evolve and expand. We rely on strong partnerships to find the best ways to implement additional use-cases, improve functionalities and support new ways of collaboration.

Modules and Functions

Syngo Carbon brings the entire Imaging IT portfolio together into a singular software solution. But we dont stop there. New software and tools – with a brand-new user experience allowing the integration of innovation platforms and 3rd party solutions – will be provided over the following months and years. New and existing AI algorithms will directly contribute to reading and reporting elements.
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