Medicalis intelligent solution for integrated imaging services

Digitalizing healthcare requires continuous optimization to drive and reap the benefits of digital adoption and increase enterprise performance while maintaining personal interaction when needed. From fueling growth by maximizing capacity and leveraging the economies of scale, to streamlining operations, and a patient-centric focus throughout the entire workflow, there are often ample opportunities for optimization at many institutions.

From imaging orders to result access, with the use of a variety of systems, challenges are often compounded as some details are unintentionally missed when valuable communication is lost between these various systems. There is a clear benefit for a holistic radiology workflow with a focus on the big picture overarching existing traditional systems.

  • A holistic approach to streamlining imaging service line operations, help maximize the value of the integrated service line, enabling scalability while maintaining flexibility in a multi-system multi-vendor environment.
  • Drive the right order first time and order intake standardization help balances workload across participating imaging centers.
  • Federated scheduling help maximize resource utilization, reduce unused imaging slots, equalize wait times across the network and improve access to the best available resources to better serve the referrers and patients.
  • Intelligent workflow infrastructure ensures the right study is read by the right radiologist at the right time, and encouraging collaboration between all the parties involved.
  • Human interaction remains a priority in the care process, utilization of digital communication tools and channels when needed is key.
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