Physician viewing relevant patient data on patient chart in the physician portal

Web workflow solutionsIncrease process efficiency with portals and applications

The eHealth Physician Portal, eHealth Patient Portal, and a variety applications improve cooperation and communication between your health facilities and patients.

Web-based portals and applications facilitate various workflows in healthcare, enabling you to leverage the comprehensive eHealth Solutions infrastructure and to expand the functionality of your existing primary systems, including:

  • eHealth Physician Portal
  • eHealth Patient Portal
  • Patient Referral
  • Teleconsultation + 2nd Opinion
  • eHealth Conferences

eHealth Physician Portal

Patient chart physician portal overview dashboard

Encourage referring physicians or remote medical experts to participate and collaborate in your patient's treatment process to improve results. Using our web-based Physician Portal, medical professionals can access medical data made available via the eHealth network.


  • Secure access1 to medical patient data (patient consent required)
  • Online and offline communication with patients and referrers
  • Transferrals and referrals to other healthcare providers
  • Online collaboration between specialists (e.g. tumor boards)
  • Second opinion and teleconsultation among medical experts
  • Easy integration into existing IT landscapes
  • Customizable forms for transferrals
  • Secure message box1 for incoming and outgoing messages
  • Audio, video, and text communication
  • Integrated zero-footprint viewer2 for medical documents and images, including split view
  • Multifactor authentication for secure access using one-time passwords (OTP)
  • User transparency through access logging of medical patient data

Private office physicians and healthcare professionals who are not connected to a primary system may also participate in the eHealth network by using the Physician Portal.

eHealth Patient Portal

patient portal overview dashboard electronic health record

Empower your patients and strengthen patient-physician relationships with the eHealth Patient Portal. Our Patient Portal lets your patients access their health data and records. It also allows them to upload their health information and decide upon authorization rights. This promotes their active participation in a care process that is increasingly paperless without the need for portable storage devices.


  • Provision of vital data for home monitoring by linking to network-compatible point of care, home care, or fitness devices, such as blood pressure meters, scales, or personal health devices3
  • Integrated viewer for clinical documents and images2
  • Downloading, editing, and adding of medical information
  • Management of access authorizations and viewing of access logs
  • High-security standards and multi-factor authentication provide secure access1
  • Scheduling of appointments and contact with caregivers
  • Easy integration of previous health data
  • Flexible access authorization to caregivers within the eHealth network

Individual solutions for single institutions and whole IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing XDS/XDS-I domains are available.

eHealth Teleconsultation and 2nd Opinion

Teleconsultation second opinion physician portal

Support your healthcare professionals with an easy-to-use and efficient communication tool that supports cross-institutional teleconsultations and 2nd opinion consultations helping them to provide high-quality patient care by leveraging expert knowledge across specialties.


  • Availability of related data to all participants in one common database
  • Ability to attach health documents and comments
  • XDS interoperability
  • IHE-compliant workflows and forms
  • Transaction logs within audit report repository to conform to Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) IHE profile
  • Integrated viewer for Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) documents or DICOM images2
  • Quick and user-friendly request and finding forms
  • Availability of lab data, radiology information, stroke, screening, and second-opinion data in a single database
  • Easy and seamless integration into existing system environments

eHealth Conferences

Clinical conferences physician portal

Minimize the administrative burden for your clinical staff. The easy-to-use eHealth Conferences web application makes scheduling and organizing conferences a breeze by providing your team of clinical specialists with one platform and one single dataset for fast, secure1, and more effective treatments.


  • Fast and easy conference scheduling and resource planning
  • Access to relevant documents and case results for all team members
  • Evaluation of data and medical information for statistical purposes
  • Automatic patient status updates
  • Automatic integration of case results through document registration within patients' health records
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