Digital maturity in the era of patient consumerism

Insights Series, issue 26: How are innovators driving digital transformation? – A thought leadership paper on “Transforming the system of care” and “Achieving operational excellence”

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated change in healthcare, and more than before, patients expect access to care to be easy, seamless, and quick. Digitalization is one of the key tools for delivering more simplicity and convenience in healthcare.

Studies have shown that organizations with higher digital maturity are almost three times more likely to see above average annual revenue growth and net profit margins than lower-maturity organizations.1 With that in mind, ECG Management Consultants, a leading U.S.-based healthcare consulting company, designed a Healthcare Digital Maturity framework to specifically help healthcare organizations assess how digitally mature they are today, in order to discover opportunities for growth tomorrow. The goal of this paper is to provide healthcare leaders with the current state of digital innovation in healthcare, including checklists to self-assess their digital maturity, and draw from examples of leading healthcare organizations.

This thought leadership paper is part of the Siemens Healthineers Insights Series. It provides ideas and practical solutions on 'Transforming the system of care' and 'Achieving operational excellence'.

  • Organizational data capabilities
  • Optimized internal business operations
  • Seamless patient care experience
  • Personalized medicine
Read the paper and find a checklist for self-assessment, as well as real-life examples of how state-of- the-art innovators use technologies to improve their operations, and what is required for others to reach that stage of maturity.

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