Medicalis Clinical Decision Support

Medicalis Clinical Decision SupportKeep your referring physician informed while encouraging clinically appropriate use of advanced diagnostic imaging

Education on the appropriate use of advanced imaging is increasingly becoming a priority as it contributes to improving the quality of patient care, reducing wasteful utilization, and controlling costs. Imaging clinical decision support systems are the next generation in the delivery of knowledge and management of appropriate diagnostic imaging utilization to ensure “the right order, first time”.

Up to 26% of all imaging is ordered incorrectly when placed without evidence based standards.1

Our Medicalis Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is at the forefront of this development. Based on our knowledge and expertise acquired through more than 15 years of experience in this domain, our solution has been developed with an intuitive design, making it easy for your referring providers to request imaging consultations with evidence support to guide them through the entire process.

With a focus on specific modalities, indications, and priority clinical areas for content delivery and by taking an evidence-based and targeted approach, you can ensure your referring physicians are ordering exams for cases where the potential for positive impact on patient care is high, thus increasing the quality of service and providing added value without discouraging the ordering physician.

Build a CDS solution that aligns with your quality program

Improve quality

Improve quality and reduce wasteful utilization

Improve quality

Reduce communication breakdowns and operational inefficiencies

Improve quality

Engage providers, encourage best practice

Improve quality

Implement your own local standard of care and meet the PAMA Mandate

The flexibility of the Medicalis Clinical Decision Support system provides you with options to gradually implement a CDS solution that is best suited to your institution’s needs:

  • We support your rollout process. You can start by implementing the appropriate use criteria that are aligned with your priority clinical areas and gradually expand to other appropriate use criteria at a later date.
  • We accommodate your workflow. We offer different access options for the Medicalis Clinical Decision Support mechanism, such as multiple portal-based solutions and EMR integration options to accommodate your ordering physician’s workflow.
  • We support multiple guidelines. Our Medicalis solution consists of a CDS mechanism that can be implemented in conjunction with your selected guidelines.

Medicalis Clinical Decision Support is an adaptable system that helps you address potential related imaging clinical decision support regulations such as the upcoming Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) PAMA mandate in the United States.

Medicalis Clinical Decision Support has been confirmed as a fully qualified clinical decision support mechanism (CDSM) by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Medicare appropriate use criteria (AUC) program for advanced diagnostic imaging.

Medicalis CDS Consult Portal

Easy online access to clinical decision support

Provide your physicians with easy access to online clinical decision support consultation through a cloud-hosted consult portal and keep them informed while encouraging clinically appropriate use of advanced diagnostic imaging.

Our Medicalis CDS Consult Portal is a simple cloud-hosted clinical decision support (CDS) solution that allows you to offer imaging consultation services to your referral community to support your imaging order quality program.

CDS access as easy as 1 2 3

Number 1

We manage the platform to offer 24/7 availability

Number 1

We setup your specific instance of consult portal

Number 1

Your referrals have simple online access to your best practice guidelines

Medicalis CDS Consult Portal offers interactive sessions for the best outcomes.

  • Enables health care professionals to independently review the basis of recommendation
  • Educates and motivates providers to use imaging appropriately
  • Leverages community-based imaging expertise to reduce unnecessary imaging costs

Analytics for Medicalis CDS

Analytics for Medicalis CDS

Measure CDS operations and further improve results with Medicalis Clinical Decision Support Analytics

Our analytics for imaging CDS help you make data-driven decision to improve the quality of care, enhance operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary imaging cost. Be the first to see opportunities of improvement before they become obvious hurdles.

Gain insight that could influence your institution’s clinical, operational and financial outcome and translate that knowledge into action.

By measuring and benchmarking the quality, performance, and behavior trends for all participating sites, you gain insights to assist in the evaluation of CDS recommendations and associated response, and access valuable details to further refine the CDS deployment to maximize appropriate use and minimize unnecessary impact on workflow.

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