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Lung Cancer
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A profound understanding of the facetted characteristics and behavior of a tumor demands deep and integrated knowledge among clinical experts collaborating in interdisciplinary teams – a joint effort to empower personalized cancer care.

By strategically combining advanced imaging, IT, and laboratory applications, lung cancer management can be improved through:

  • Early detection through screening programs to reduce lung cancer related mortality
  • Advanced lung cancer imaging to better visualize and characterize a tumor
  • Innovative treatment planning and management for improved outcomes and reduction of side effects
  • Individualized patient treatment and systematic assessment of therapy response to ensure treatment success

Whatever the clinical question, our innovative portfolio contains everything you need to offer patient care at the highest-possible level – from angiography, X-ray systems, MRI, CT, PET/CT, MR/PET, SPECT/CT, and clinical chemistry testing, through to interventional imaging, radiation oncology support, and systems designed for process optimization and efficient lung cancer workflows.

Explore on the following tabs how our advanced technologies and solutions help you look closer and see further – along the entire continuum of care.

Manchester Lung Health Check Launch

Wednesday the 3rd of April marked the launch of the Manchester Lung Health Check service with the unveiling of the Lung Health Check trailer and support units at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester. The service is aimed at helping to improve lung cancer survival rates.

  • New checks are an efficient and effective way to identify lung cancers at the early stages, when at their most treatable
  • Pilot programme in 2016 quadrupled lung cancer early diagnosis rates
  • Will serve North and East Manchester, one of the most at risk regions for lung cancer in the country
  • Using the latest ultra-low CT technology in the community
  • Part of the NHS long term plan to identify conditions earlier

Manchester’s ‘Lung Health Checks’ will tackle poor early diagnosis and survival rates for lung cancer by providing quick, easily accessible screenings for those deemed at higher risk of lung conditions.
The project will utilise ultra low-dose CT scanners, Siemens Healthineers SOMATOM.go, in first-of-their-kind mobile units, delivered in partnership by Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC), Cobalt and Siemens Healthineers.
From next month (April 2019), Lung Health Check support units and CT vehicles will be placed in key community-based locations across North and East Manchester for the next two years. The first location is at the Etihad Campus, Manchester City Football Club’s stadium, where participants will be able to attend on selected dates – outside of match days.

Those eligible for screenings – smokers and former smokers aged between 55 and 80 – will receive a personal invitation for a Lung Health Check from their GP. The resident will arrange a suitable date and time to attend their nearest Lung Health Check site where a nurse will ask them some questions about their lung health and carry out a simple test to measure the amount of air in their lungs.

The specialist will then use the results to determine if the resident will benefit from having an ultra low-dose CT scan. If so, this scan can then be done immediately in the purpose-built mobile unit, and would take only a few minutes. The check will only take around 30 minutes in total.

Read the full press release here. Or visit the Lung Health Check website.