System Cleaning Documents

Magnetic Resonance

MAGNETOM Vida/Sola 0.3 MB

MAGNETOM Avanto/Verio 0.2 MB

MAGNETOM Altea/Lumina 0.9 MB

MAGNETOM Aera/Skyra/Prisma/Avanto 1.1 MB



MAGNETOM Avanto/Espree/Verio/Spectra 0.1 MB

MAGNETOM coil cleaning instructions 0.8 MB

Biograph mMR 1.1 MB

Computed Tomography

SOMATOM Defintion AS 1.2 MB

SOMATOM Defintion Edge 1.2 MB

SOMATOM Definition Edge+ 1.2 MB

SOMATOM Definition Flash 1.2 MB

SOMATOM Force 1.2 MB

SOMATOM Confidence 1.2 MB

SOMATOM Drive 1.2 MB

SOMATOM go.All 0.5 MB

SOMATOM go.Now 0.5 MB

SOMATOM go.Top 0.5 MB

SOMATOM go.Up 0.5 MB

PET CT Scanners 0.2 MB

SPECT CT Scanners 0.3 MB

COVID-19 Scan Workflow Best Practice Sharing on SOMATOM CT Scanners 1.0 MB


Cleaning and disinfecting ultrasound systems 0.2 MB

Diagnostic ultrasound transducers cleaner and disinfectants  1.6 MB

Transducer Cleaning Best Practice Summary 0.5 MB

MammographyMAMMOMAT Revelation 0.1 MB

ARTIS zee/zeego 0.3 MB

ARTIS one 0.6 MB

ARTIS Pheno 1.3 MB

ARTIS Pheno VE10 0.9 MB

ARTIS Pheno VE20 0.7 MB

ARTIS Q/zeego/Q.zen 0.7 MB


MOBILETT Elara Max 0.2 MB

MOBILETT Mira Max 0.3 MB

Luminos dRF Max

Multitom Rax 0.1 MB

Multix Fusion 0.3 MB

Ysio Max 0.8 MB

Laboratory Diagnostics

Decontamination guidance for instruments after aspirating samples that contain viruses 0.1 MB

World Health Organisation - Laboratory biosafety guidance related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) 1.1 MB

Point-of-Care Testing

RAPIDLab 1200 series 10.7 MB

RAPIDPoint 500 3.1 MB 

Appropriate cleaning wipes for RAPIDPoint 500 and epoc 0.3 MB

epoc care and maintenance 0.2 MB