Multitom Rax
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multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax
Multitom Rax
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With traditional X-ray, complex radiographic examinations are often challenging or cumbersome, especially in musculoskeletal or trauma cases.

With Multitom Rax we offer a high-performance system that excels in such examinations helping you expand precision medicine. Its Robotic Advanced X-ray technology (RAX) supports you in daily clinical routine and beyond and sets new standards in musculoskeletal and trauma imaging.

Features & Benefits

Precise insights through unique automation

In advanced musculoskeletal imaging, a high degree of precision, accurate positioning, and wide anatomical coverage are needed.

Multitom Rax offers unparalleled precision and flexibility in positioning, allowing projections from all angles and unique automated workflows that make musculoskeletal insights feasible in clinical routine. And all that while saving dose.

Efficient workflows around your patients

Advanced musculoskeletal imaging requires time-consuming patient and system positioning. Multitom Rax precisely positions and aligns itself, reducing the need for unnatural patient positioning – even in challenging situations like trauma cases. It supports staff and offers barrier-free 360° patient access. For fast, efficient, and productive workflows revolving around your patients.

Comprehensive diagnosis with multiple procedures

Advanced musculoskeletal imaging calls for more than just radiography. Starting with precision radiography, Multitom Rax also allows 3D bone imaging1 as well as fluoroscopic1 and interventional imaging1. This way, it enables comprehensive diagnosis and can provide the basis for treatment planning – all in a single room on a single system.

RAX - Robotic Advanced X-ray

Multitom Rax is the world´s first scanner in the new category of Twin Robotic X-ray.
Its technological advantages facilitate your daily routine, open up new clinical possibilities - and make the system fun to work with.

The MAX effect - where gains multiply

As healthcare providers are forced to do more with less, they have to run their radiology more efficiently. Combine two or more MAX systems – and experience the MAX effect: unique standardization across your fleet that lets you save both time and costs and ultimately boosts your level of satisfaction.

  • Gain standardization – leading to consistent high quality of care, fewer retakes,
    and faster reading
  • Gain savings – in terms of money, time, and rooms
  • Gain satisfaction – for patients, staff, physicians, and managers 
Learn more about the MAX effect

Touch the below image on your Apple iOS mobile device to view the system in 3D or Augmented Reality.

Clinical Use


To make fast and confident decisions in musculoskeletal or trauma cases, you need high image quality. Our scanner offers you multiple advanced X-ray imaging technologies.

Clinical Images

multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Multitom Rax — Basic angiography: Additional capacities for interventional radiology

Multitom Rax lets you perform minor interventions and basic angiographies in your radiology department.
multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Basic angiography — Stenosis in superficial femoral artery

Multitom Rax allows to perform basic angiographic examinations and can take off workload of angiographic systems within a radiography department.
multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Benefit of cross-table examinations

The scanner moves quickly and easily around the patient with just one push of a button. A higher image quality compared to a similar setup with a wireless detector is achieved.
multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Benefit of fluoroscopy-guided positioning

Being able to perform short low-dose fluoroscopy scans, this may benefit the clinical outcome, patient dose and time management.
multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Hidden fracture — Real 3D in trauma imaging

Multitom Rax allows a Real 3D scan with a high spatial resolution. This provides additional information and a high quality of diagnosis and offers also a high level of comfort during patient positioning for the Real 3D scan.
multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Port implantation and follow-up chest X-ray

Port implantation on Multitom Rax with digital subtraction angiography (DSA). Subsequently Multitom Rax automatically moves with Twin FAST technology into the configuration for a conventional chest X-ray examination.
multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Shoulder arthrography examination

Multitom Rax enables fluoroscopic guidance from various angles with isocentric orbital scanner movements (RAXorbit). The barrierfree 360° access to the patient further supports the contrast and drug injection for the subsequent MRI or CT scan.
"Patients love how the robotic arms move around them, and they appreciate that we don’t have to twist their sore or broken bodies to get the image." JoAnne Wendt, Director of Radiology, Ashland Memorial Medical Center, USA

Multitom Rax Case Study Video

Nemours Children's Hospital U.S.

Technical Specifications


Patient table 
Table height50 cm to 92 cm; total vertical travel range 42 cm (tabletop)
Tabletop materialCarbon fiber
Max. patient weight240 kg
Max. patient coverageApprox. 190cm without patient repositioning
X-ray generators 
X-ray generator65 kW
 Option: 80 kW
X-ray tube
Anode heat storage capacity580,000 J (820,000 HU)
RAX detector 

Input fields

(active area)

Full formatZoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
42.0 cm x 42.5 cm30 cm x 30 cm22 cm x 22 cm15 cm x 15 cm
Materiala-Si with CsI scintillator
Accessories / Options 
MAX wi-D 35 cm x 43 cm x 1.9 cm (14” x 17” x 0.7”); 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
DetectorCesium iodide scintillator
MAX Mini24 cm x 30 cm x 1.6 cm (10” x 12” x 0.6”); 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Detector Cesium iodide scintillator


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Multitom Rax is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.

VF11 does not yet fulfill all applicable General Safety and Performance Requirements according to the European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745.