2013 Siemens Preclinical Solutions Image of the Year Competition



Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2013 Preclinical Solutions Image of the Year Competition. 

Your contact details will serve to indicate your intent to participate in the 2013 Image of the Year competition. Please provide your contact details and number of entries to receive a package containing a Siemens flash drive and submission forms. Images and data should be submitted using the Siemens flash drive and returned in the return mailer provided in the package you receive. Please accurately indicate the "number of intended submissions" below that Siemens should provide you with, and you must submit, a separate submission package for each entry.

The Image of the Year Awards Ceremony will be held at the conclusion of this year's Siemens Preclinical User Group Meeting, which will be held the day prior to the opening of the World Molecular Imaging Congress in Savannah, Georgia, USA.  A save-the-date email with event details for the User Group Meeting will follow shortly. We look forward to your participation and to a great 2013 contest!

Deadline for submission is July 26, 2013.

Mr, Mrs, Ms, Prof
If located outside U.S.A., please enter international
Number of intended submissions
Limited to 3 submission
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