On-demand video: Comparison of the Atellica HEMA 580 Analyzer and Beckman Coulter DxH 800 Analyzer

Vigo University Hospital, Vigo, Spain

Vigo University Hospital laboratory is one of the first sites to perform a head-to-head, clinical comparison of the Atellica® HEMA 580 Analyzer* with another commercially available instrument. Take a parameter-by-parameter look at the correlation data to see why Vigo views the Atellica HEMA 580 Analyzer as a precise, effective solution for high-volume hematology labs.

Photo of Siemens Healthineers Atellica HEMA 570 580 Analyzers

The newly launched Atellica HEMA 570 and 580 Analyzers* are designed to meet the hematology testing needs of today’s high-volume labs. Sharing fast throughput and an identical footprint, both instruments can pair with advanced informatics and automation solutions to suit diverse workflow requirements and drive efficiencies across labs and networks. Each delivers a range of analytical capabilities, including an 8-part white blood cell differential,† with the Atellica HEMA 580 Analyzer offering an expanded menu complete with optical platelet and reticulocyte testing.

This is one of four studies from early adopters highlighting the performance of the Atellica HEMA Analyzers under real-world conditions. Be sure to watch each video for an overview on a range of performance-related topics, including general accuracy and precision, body fluid capabilities, clinical case studies and comparisons, and user experience.

Clinical Analysis Resident
Hospital Universitario de Vigo
Vigo, Spain

  • Review correlation data comparing WBC, RBC, and PLT parameters on the Atellica HEMA 580 Analyzer and Beckman Coulter DxH 800 Analyzer.
  • Explore real-world performance data across a range of indicators, including precision, reagent consumption, and throughput.
  • Hear first impressions of the Atellica HEMA 580 Analyzer from an operational standpoint and learn why it is perceived as an easy-to-use solution for high-volume workloads.