Community Diagnostic Hubs

Community Diagnostic Hubs - jigsaw

We have long been a firm advocate of community diagnostics, developing solutions to improve diagnostics whilst making them more accessible. Our aim is to transform care delivery, improve the patient experience and build digital maturity.

We are working closely with our NHS partners to formulate Community Diagnostic Hubs, designed to provide vital additional capacity, separating acute and elective diagnostics with additional facilities away from the traditional hospital setting.

We understand that every Community Diagnostic Hub has a unique set of requirements. As a trusted partner, we help to piece these together and deliver your vision for community diagnostics in a sustainable and cost-effective way. This is fully scalable and encompasses state-of-the-art equipment, expert facility design, workflow design and Value Partnerships.

The pandemic is leading to the creation of ‘COVID-19 free’ pathways being established, designed to deal with difficulties in patient throughput. Community Diagnostic Hubs present a real opportunity to build on this momentum, embrace new service delivery models, redesign facilities and support the expansion of the imaging workforce.

Together, we can transform the way care is delivered, enabling flexible Community Diagnostic Hubs that provide greater operational efficiency, reduced cost and convenient access to care. 

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