Hybrid OR Imaging Solutions
Perfecting minimally invasive surgery with procedural intelligence

Minimally invasive surgery in the Hybrid OR
Hybrid OR Imaging Solutions
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See minimally invasive treatment in a new light

Offering standardized minimally invasive treatment for any patient is crucial for healthcare institutions today. Our imaging systems with procedural intelligence allow you to optimize clinical operations in the Hybrid OR and achieve consistency across workflows with ease – regardless of procedural complexity.

Procedural intelligence enables standardized image-guided surgery

Time-consuming manual workflows, unwanted variations in procedural outcomes, and staff training needs are key barriers to treatment in the Hybrid OR. Our latest generation of fixed C-arms transcends them all. Thanks to procedural intelligence – a unique combination of imaging and workflow software – you can simplify your surgical workflows and standardize treatment across all patient cases and disciplines.

Just select your custom settings for each procedure and then say goodbye to cumbersome and repetitive workflow steps. And, get ready for intelligent optimization of image quality and dose along with automated C-arm positioning.

Our goal: to enable standardized imaging workflows for optimal minimally invasive treatment in the Hybrid OR.

Surgical imaging with fewer manual steps

Customize our predefined Case Flows based on your needs to ensure precise intraoperative guidance and excellent clinical outcomes. The next time you recall the same Case Flow, the system will automatically apply your chosen parameters – eliminating up to six manual system interactions for every Case Flow step.

Intelligent analysis of pre-operative 3D data

Use our dedicated software to guide preparation for surgical procedures. The algorithms will automatically visualize the target along with relevant anatomical landmarks for precise intraoperative guidance. In the case of (f)EVAR procedures, processing pre-operative datasets takes just one minute, while manual preparation typically requires fifteen minutes.

Standardized image quality at ALARA dose

Select your preferred image quality level for the anatomy, devices, or materials you need to visualize. Using self-adjusting algorithms, our OPTIQ software will select the right imaging parameters while keeping the radiation exposure to a minimum for the OR team and patient.

Overview imaging solutions

Hybrid OR imaging solutions for any patient case

We offer the right Hybrid OR imaging system for every scenario –whether you need a modality with a smaller footprint for routine cardiovascular procedures or are gearing up for complex cases and multidisciplinary use. All of our fixed C-arms with procedural intelligence support the unique needs of surgeons thanks to workflow automation and optimized image acquisition. Additionally, antimicrobial surfaces and uninterrupted laminar airflow help ensure maximum infection control.

ARTIS icono floor – an icon of innovation for cardiovascular procedures

ARTIS icono floor is a fully motorized C-arm system that allows you to standardize high-volume cardiovascular workflows. Its small footprint makes it a perfect match for every existing OR.

Supported clinical specialties

  • Cardiac surgery
  • Vascular surgery

ARTIS pheno – cutting-edge robotic imaging for multidisciplinary utilization

ARTIS pheno – the only robotic C-arm system on the market – brings true multidisciplinary capabilities to your institution, enabling minimally invasive treatment across all specialties for maximum room utilization.

Supported clinical specialties

  • Vascular surgery
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedic trauma surgery
  • Abdominal surgery


Technical details: Hybrid OR imaging solutions with procedural intelligence

ARTIS icono floorARTIS pheno
Surgical imaging with fewer manual stepsSurgical imaging with fewer manual steps
Intelligent analysis of pre-operative 3D dataIntelligent analysis of pre-operative 3D data
Standardized image quality at ALARA doseStandardized image quality at ALARA dose
Cardiovascular surgeryMultidisciplinary use
Motorized lateral movementsRobotic imaging with flexible isocenter
Minimum technical room size: 28 m2Minimum technical room size: 35 m2
Recommended room size: 38 m2Recommended room size: 68 m2
Surgical table integration:
ARTIS multi-tilt table
Surgical table integration:
ARTIS multi-tilt table or third-party surgical tables
Intraprocedural 3D imaging position:
head side
Intraprocedural 3D imaging position:
head side and lateral

Max. 3D volume size (diameter x height):
23.5 cm x 17.5 cm

Max. 3D volume size (diameter x height):
43 cm x 17.5 cm or 32 cm x 23.5 cm
Working height: 107 cmWorking height: flexible isocenter 104–150 cm
Wide-space C-arm: 86 cmWide-space C-arm: 95.5 cm
Antimicrobial surfaceAntimicrobial surface
Free ceiling above tableFree ceiling above table
Third Party Broker (communication interface)Third Party Broker (communication interface)


The statements with footnotes in this document are based on a result of the quoted clinical study that evaluates the procedure. The results are not generated with the actual product version. It is expected, that the actual product version has similar or improved functionality to support the evaluated procedure.

1Compared to Artis zeego

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