Nový pohled v rámci CT

Neustálý tlak na snižování výdajů u poskytovatelů péče vede k rostoucí potřebě standardizace a precizní medicíny. CT skener SOMATOM Edge Plus poskytuje diagnostické zobrazování při vhodné dávce a s reprodukovatelnou přesností. Získejte bohaté a podrobné informace pomocí technologií, které přinášejí skenování filtrované cínem, 4D a kvantitativní zobrazování. Automatizace pracovních postupů zjednodušuje přípravu skenování a pomáhá dosáhnout nové úrovně přesnosti.

Vlastnosti & výhody


    Scan virtually all patients with diagnostic confidence – including obese persons, children, and patients unable to cooperate.  

    The 78-cm bore and robust table enable easy positioning
    Get powerful images of obese patients
    • Get powerful images of obese patients: With SOMATOM Edge Plus, you can obtain sharp and rich-in-contrast images at high speed and low dose even with large patients.
    • Gently scan the dose-sensitive ones: Minimize the need for sedation and allow low-dose scans for children with High Power at low kV and integrated CARE Child technology.
    • Freeze motion when your patient can't: Excellent image quality within seconds for emergency cases due to the combination of High Power reserves with high coverage of up to 230 mm/s in clinical routine.


    Gain new diagnostic insights like functional information and tissue characterization, acquired with no dose or time penalty.

    This filtered scans reduces CT dose to X-ray levels.
    See more than ever before with tin-filtered scanning
    • See more than ever before with tin-filtered scanning: Shield patients from clinically irrelevant dose and use CT for a wider application range with our Tin Filter technology.
    • Add dynamic imaging to your clinical routine: Make dynamic imaging an everyday method for nearly all patients and anatomical regions at the right dose and contrast-to-noise ratio.
    • Perform advanced quantitative imaging with no dose penalty: Eliminate additional non-contrast scans by creating virtual ones – backed by our unique TwinBeam Dual Energy technology.


    Save time and achieve consistent results with smart automation for fast, precise positioning, scanning, and postprocessing. 

    FAST Integrated Workflow supports correct and consistent positioning

    • Safeguard correct and consistent positioning: Our FAST Integrated Workflow with FAST 3D Camera helps your team acquire first-time right scans and manage tight schedules.
    • Get closer to your patients: Set parameters without leaving your patients and offer them individual care with our Touch Panels on eye-level.
    • Simplify preparation of patients and scanner: Accelerate workflows and lower dose, helping you optimize process efficiency and improve patient outcome with our software packages.

    Klinické využití

    Technické detaily


    StellarInfinity detector

    Number of acquired slices:


    Number of reconstructed slices:


    Spatial resolution:

    0.30 mm

    Rotation time:

    0.28 s

    In-plane temporal resolution:

    142 ms

    Generator power:

    100 kW

    kV steps:

    70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 kV

    Max. scan speed:

    23 cm/s

    Table load:

    up to 307 kg / 676 lbs

    Gantry opening:

    78 cm