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Your clinical, operational, and workforce excellence is our priority. That’s why we created a space for you to grow both knowledge and skills – filled with tools and applications that provide holistic learning experiences

Our Education Solutions enable you to enhance your understanding of the application and technical aspects of our equipment and increase your clinical knowledge. Job-specific skill sets will allow you to provide better patient care - for workforce know-how, efficiency through knowledge, and competency development.

Clinical Workshop

Clinical Workshops and Fellowship programs 

We are pleased to offer comprehensive curriculums that addresses both physicians and technologists. These courses, fellowships, and training programs will deepen your knowledge and help you benefit the most from your equipment and its software applications. Choose from a wide range of education programs – from application training to clinical education. Profit from the professional knowledge of our education specialists and clinical partners. Optimize your clinical skills to use the full potential of your system.
Virtual Classroom Training

Application and Technical Training 

These courses are offered as classroom training in our Training Centers or as as virtual classroom training independently where you are located. Theoretical principles of imaging are supplemented by a wide range of practical exercises, giving you the opportunity to gain skills for day-to-day clinical work. In our virtual courses we impact practical knowledge in clear, manageable units and focus on retaining the interactive approach that you are familiar with from our face-to-face training. Learn in the virtual work space and benefit from innovative digital methods.
Customer Services - Individual Education and Practice

Individual Education and Practice  

Benefit from maximized access to new hands-on experiences to increase on-the-job competencies in a safe environment through immersive technologies like simulators, AR and VR as well as webinars. Explore PEPconnect, our personalized online education experience designed for you as a healthcare professional that’s customized to your role and learning behavior – designed to increase competency, efficiency, and productivity.
Handover & Remote Training

Handover & Remote Training

helps you achieve safe and efficient operation of the new equipment, as well as its seamless integration into your organization’s processes.

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Clinical Specialty Educational Resources

Discover a wide rango of clinical case reports and study protocols, get tipps and trick from our clinical partners 

Application and Technical Training for Lab

Education and Application Services for Laboratory

Labs face both cost and time pressures, making it difficult for staff to leave their station and travel for training. For that reason, the experts at Siemens Healthineers are available where you need us – whether in the classroom, in your laboratory, or through the industry’s first personalized online training platform. Continuous education is critical to your business, and we can help ensure that your lab is compliant with local regulatory bodies.