Behind the Automation: Fürst Medical Laboratory
Workflow consulting, data-driven design, comprehensive transition planning, and strong project management transform a large private reference lab in Scandinavia.

We needed to do something that gave us capacity, flexibility, and lower costs because that’s crucial to survive. High-speed automation will transform healthcare in Norway in the future. Havard Selby Ebbestad, Chief Executive Officer, Furst Medisinsk Laboratorium

Calling the installation of an 120-meter automation track with 31 multidisciplinary analyzers and 38 pre- and post-analytical modules risky is an understatement, especially when half of all primary-care tests in Norway come to your lab every day. For Fürst Medical Laboratory , realizing a return on investment required a systematic evaluation of operating processes and long-term goals during the design phase of the project. However, bringing that design to life wouldn’t have been possible without a partner to manage the implementation plan, minimize disruptions, and guide the lab and its staff through a significant period of change.

Watch the video above to learn the secrets behind total laboratory automation and see how Fürst achieved success with comprehensive support at every step from Siemens Healthineers laboratory consulting and project management services.

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