EasyLink Data Management SystemReview test results and QC data from multiple lab systems using a single, browser-based system

EasyLink™ Data Management System connects multiple laboratory instruments to a single information system, consolidating patient and quality control (QC) data management and providing web-based access to data from chemistry instruments across the hospital lab and remote locations. EasyLink:

  • Provides web-based, browser access to laboratory data
  • Includes interfaces for Dimension® and ADVIA Centaur® analyzer families, as well as for StreamLab® Automation for streamlined workflow
  • Provides integrated, enhanced QC applications with support for patient median calculation to improve QC management
  • Improves database performance via automated maintenance for faster response time
  • Integrates with PROTIS® System assessments to help laboratories better support physicians (outside U.S. only)
  • Streamlines sample management by automating manual processes that conserve valuable tech time otherwise wasted on non-value added activities