DCA® HbA1c Reagent Kit* for DCA Vantage® AnalyzerDiagnose Diabetes and Identify At-risk Patients

In-office testing with the DCA® HbA1c test kit gives primary-care professionals the tools to fight the diabetes epidemic on the front lines. Early detection and tight glycemic control help mitigate the serious conditions that accompany diabetes: heart and kidney disease, limb neuropathy, retinopathy, and stroke. More importantly, patients identified as being at risk can stop or reverse disease progression through lifestyle adjustments and/or pharmacological treatment.

When paired with the DCA Vantage® Analyzer, the DCA HbA1c test kit provides fast, actionable test results to help you determine the effectiveness of a treatment plan, make therapeutic adjustments with greater confidence, and be certain that patients are complying with your recommendations.

Features & Benefits

DCA HbA1c Kit: One kit for diagnosis and management

  • Quantitative HbA1c testing results in minutes.
  • Testing results in minutes.
  • Increases patient comfort by requiring a smaller whole-blood sample (1 μL).
  • Add sample to test cartridge, load, and walk away.
  • No sample or reagent preparation required.