SOMATOM go.Up with myExam CompanionExpand your successful CT business

With patients turning into critical consumers, it’s becoming increasingly important to optimize their diagnostic experience in order to stay competitive. Improve patient experience and focus on your patients throughout the CT imaging workflow with SOMATOM go.Up. Stay with patients longer and provide closer care with our unique Mobile Workflow. Benefit from intuitive, AI-powered scan automation and new clinical features that make advanced CT scan procedures like preventive care available for daily practice. And get the image quality and dose reduction technologies you expect from us.

Features & Benefits

SOMATOM X.cite with myExam CompanionFAST 3D Camera*Gantry-integrated cameraMood light

High Power 80

myExam CompanionStellar detectorMobile workflowGO technologiesTin Filter
    • Right dose modulation
    • Correct body region
    • Right scan direction
    • Integrated in the gantry
    • Keep an eye on the patient
    • 90° viewing angle
    • Close-up perspective to spot even micro movements
    • Integrated digital countdown for breath hold
    • Mood light Optimized CT diagnostic experience
    • Enhanced iodine contrast with 400 mA at 80 kV
    • Sub-mm collimation
    • Guides technologists of all experience levels through routine examinations as well as more complex procedures
    • Procedures become more personalized for patients, easier for technologists, and more consistent for radiologists
    • Reduced image noise in every CT scan
    • High spatial resolution
    • Advanced 3D anti-scatter collimator
    • Tablets allow you to stay close to your patient which results in higher efficiency, and higher patient comfort
    • Standardize and simplify all departmental processes – from patient setup to image distribution, archiving, and reading
    • Ultra-low-dose scanning
    • Allows routine spectral imaging with TwinSpiral Dual Energy

In a standard CT imaging work environment, techs spend most of their time in the control room. With the unique Mobile Workflow of SOMATOM go.Up, you can stay close to your patients and put them at ease. See for yourself!

The Mobile Workflow had a positive impact on the CT scan procedure at the University Hospital Erlangen in Germany as well as on the satisfaction of their patients.

  • 20% faster patient preparation1)
  • 62% increase in positive patient experience1)
  • 90% more time spent in the same room with the patient, plus higher freedom of movement for radiologists1)
  • 39% increase in patients who feel more satisfied from the medical service they receive1)
Carla Susana Ribeiro PintoCT radiographerCentro Hospitalar de São João, Porto, Portugal

Clinical Use

Every patient and clinical indication is different. With its patient pathways, SOMATOM go.Up easily takes you beyond routine CT scan procedures: Expand your clinical portfolio and confidently perform advanced procedures like preventive care, RT planning or cardiac assessment via calcium scoring examinations.

Patient expectations are increasing and patients are becoming more vocal about their healthcare experience. With the Mobile Workflow of SOMATOM go.Up, your patients feel personally attended to and experience their treatment more positively.

myExam Companion: Intelligence that works with you

myExam Companion launches the era of intelligent imaging. Using the new possibilities of digitalization, it turns data into built-in expertise. This helps users efficiently achieve reproducible CT scan results – by unlocking your modality’s full potential automatically.

myExam Companion guides users through any CT scan procedure, so they can interact easily and naturally with both patient and technology. No matter the user, patient or throughput, it helps generate consistently excellent results – and improve diagnostic confidence.

A new working experience

With the Mobile Workflow of SOMATOM go.Up, your patients feel personally attended to and experience their treatment more positively. From the tablet to the remote control, gantry-mounted injector arm, camera, and the gentle voice and sound design: The CT scanner offers smart solutions that help you focus on each patient – and make your working experience enjoyable.

Whether routine CT imaging like lung cancer screening and angiography or more complex exams: Equipped with premium technologies, SOMATOM go.Up delivers excellent image quality ‒ always on.


Are you interested in more clinical cases? We created a booklet that contains a collection of different cases and clinical images – all acquired with SOMATOM go.Up.

Technical Specifications



Rotation times

up to 0.8 s


3.5 MHU (8.75 MHU equivalent value with SAFIRE2))


32 kW (80 kW equivalent value with SAFIRE2))

High voltage

80, 110, 130 kV


up to 400 mA (1,000 mA equivalent value with SAFIRE2))


32 x 0.7 mm

Max. table load

up to 307 kg