syngo.via for Interventional ImagingGet the full picture.

syngo.via1 is the new imaging software, creating an exciting experience in efficiency and ease of use – anywhere2.

syngo.via for Interventional Imaging

For interventional imaging syngo.via provides an ideal solution for multi-lab image management. It brings diagnostic imaging information from other diagnostic modalities directly into the interventional suite. The multi-modality applications on syngo.via allow access to your planning and measurements where you need them. Besides interventional results can be distributed to where they are needed.1

syngo.via is efficient.

syngo.via1 helps to accelerate radiological workflows and save valuable time. You can access and read cases quickly and easily with features such as automated updates and pre-fetching of prior examinations.

syngo.via is flexible.

You can customize its applications and layouts in line with your needs – plus you can access images on mobile2 devices. Thanks to the modular licensing model, there’s a syngo.via product to suit every medical facility: from specialized practices to major research hospitals.

syngo.via is intelligent.

syngo.via guides you through the entire workflow – it automatically pre-processes images, collects findings and delivers powerful quantitative reading functionality.



With syngo.via you can review interventional images such as syngo DynaCT beside diagnostic multimodality results. For Multilab image management syngo.via provides additional flexibility by giving easy access to pre-interventional diagnostic results in the interventional room where you need them.

syngo DynaCT Interventional Oncology

syngo.via offers access to interventional images such as syngo DynaCT anywhere2.
With syngo.via interventional syngo DynaCT images can be reviewed side by side with diagnostic datasets from MR, CT or PET providing additional information during minimally invasive tumor treatment in the angio suite.

syngo DynaCT Interventional Neuroradiology

syngo.via is ideal for distributing interventional images where you need them.
With syngo.via interventional syngo DynaCT images can be reviewed side by side with diagnostic datasets from MR, CT or PET, providing additional information during complex neurointerventions in the angio suite.


General information on syngo.via
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