Right Dose Portfolio Overview
Right Approach to Radiation Dose Management

Right Dose Portfolio Overview
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Our Right Dose Management approach connects medical technology with insightful data and services to help you sustainably manage dose across your institution.

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  • Technology: Covers the full range of imaging modalities, software, and system services for managing and reducing dose
  • Analytical tools: For transparency across your fleet, for understanding your dose performance, and for identifying outliers
  • Consulting and services: To fully exploit the capabilities of Siemens’ dose-sensitive and dose-reduction technologies

Dose management cycle for a single patient to analyze and optimize dose levels (e.g. in cancer care) or to analyze and optimize dose levels of numerours patients per modality.

1. Clinical indication
Diagnostic method selection
2. Examination or intervention
Technology selection
Protocol selection
Patient positioning
3. Reading and reporting
Post processing (if needed)
4. Monitoring
Aggregation of values
Tracking single exams
5. Documenting
Documenting dose values for reporting
6. Analyzing

Unterstanding of dose performance
Identification of outliers
7. Optimizing
Education of staff
Dose consulting
Fleet (HW/SW) update/replacement
Protocol update/standardization


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