Cima.X Keyvisual

Make the difference.

With MAGNETOM Cima.X  and MAGNETOM Terra.X

Clinicians and scientists are determined to continuously improve patient care and are tenacious in their pursuit of answers to the most challenging clinical questions. We are committed to pioneering technology breakthroughs in MRI to transform clinical care and advance cutting-edge science that translates into real value.

With MAGNETOM Cima.X  and MAGNETOM Terra.X, we introduce cutting-edge technologies that will enable clinicians to expand the boundaries of clinical care. Designed for the purpose of creating new insights and equipped with cutting-edge technology, MAGNETOM Cima.X and MAGNETOM Terra.X are set out to make the difference.


MAGNETOM Cima.X is our strongest 3T MRI system ever that provides deeper insights into the human body. Transforming patient care and science, it features Gemini Gradients with 2002 mT/m at 200 T/m/s for an unparalleled whole-body performance. With MAGNETOM Cima.X you can make the difference.


The next generation 7T MRI that enables you to make the difference for the most challenging clinical questions. With its groundbreaking Ultra IQ Technology and the AI-powered Deep Resolve reconstruction technology, MAGNETOM Terra.X unleashes new opportunities for patient care and science.