syngo Embolization GuidanceAutomatic detection. Targeted embolization.

The new syngo Embolization Guidance is a software for advanced embolization planning and guidance. 
Knowing where a tumor and its feeding vessels are located is essential for complete tumor embolization. This can enhance the quality of life for your patients and maybe even downstage liver tumors. It simplifies catheter navigation for any embolization procedure independent of body region. 

For liver embolization our easy one-click workflow automatically detects tumor-feeding vessels for targeted embolization - supporting you in performing efficient and safe treatment.

  • Automatic feeder detection for complete embolization of liver tumors
  • One-click solution for fast and easy liver embolization planning even right at tableside
  • Efficient and standardized procedure planning for increased quality of care
  • State-of-the-art treatment offering for enhanced reputation

The possibility to outline the tumor and automatically measure its volume assists in estimating the necessary amount of embolization material and in monitoring tumor response to therapy.


Key Features


• Enables improved planning of embolization procedures in syngo DynaCT, CT* and MR* datasets
• Supports enhanced procedure guidance to make embolizations faster
• Offers increased treatment confidence
• Allows additional savings in radiation dose and contrast medium