MAGNETOM AeraMaximize 1.5T.

Healthcare providers worldwide are under increasing pressure to manage two contradictory forces: delivering highest-quality care with ever decreasing financial means. The number of MRI scans continues to rise, as MRI continues to prove its diagnostic value and expands growing clinical fields. At the same time, global reimbursements continue to fall. MAGNETOM Aera is 1.5T MRI designed to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Caratteristiche e vantaggi

Growing healthcare expenditures and changing patient populations lead to an increased demand for standardization and higher efficiency. With a full range of routine and advanced applications, MAGNETOM Aera allows you to answer these challenges. Improve your processes through greater standardization and extend your clinical capabilities by offering new services.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Skyra - Image - Deliver exceptional quality and speed in 3T MRI

Make the most of your MRI scanner and improve cost efficiency by accelerating scans for each and every patient. GOBrain enables clinically validated push-button brain examinations in under six minutes. This is enabled by Tim 4G's ultra-high coil element density, delivering exceptional quality and speed for efficient processes, day-in and day-out

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Skyra - Image - Go for consistent results, efficiently

Tailor and manage protocols to your specific requirements, improve flexibility, and deliver high-quality care, consistently.2 DotGO keeps your processes running on time with intuitive protocol management, user guidance, and smart automation techniques integrated in one user-interface. Leverage powerful DotGO solutions to ensure efficient workflow and consistent image quality – across all patients and operators.

Go for consistent results, efficiently

Streamline your processes, with DotGO:

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Skyra - Image - Trendsetting Applications

Serve new and growing patient populations with trendsetting applications. Overcome the challenges of body MRI with FREEZEit and offer free-breathing examinations to those with limited breath hold capacity. Further expand your MRI services with Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS), a paradigm shift in MR imaging. With SMS, it is now possible to accelerate 2D exams significantly and perform advanced neurological examinations, previously excluded from routine imaging.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Skyra - Image - Service and exchange

Siemens’ service offerings ensure that you stay at the leading edge of 1.5T technology throughout the entire MRI lifecycle – from installation, to operation, to upgrades, to ongoing support. Moreover, our active communication platforms and communities – such as MAGNETOM World – keep you up to speed on the world of MRI and enable you to share your ideas and experiences with your peers.

Uso clinico

To meet the increasing demands in clinical healthcare, MAGNETOM Aera’s broad application portfolio give the versatility to expand MRI services for clinical excellence. Combined with Tim 4G and DotGO, this comprehensive application portfolio brings even the most complex exams into clinical routine.


MAGNETOM Aera Clinical Image Gallery

Clinical Image Gallery
See the full application range in the MAGNETOM Aera Image Gallery:

Siemens - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Neurology
T1 FLASH, 288 matrix, SL 5 mm, TR 200, TE 4.8, TA 43 s

Benefit from fast protocols and quieter exams for uncooperative patients. Accommodate a wide variety of patients while benefiting from a superb SNR. Your MAGNETOM Aera's Neuro Suite includes advanced protocols for diffusion imaging, perfusion imaging, and fMRI. The Brain Dot Engine helps increase consistency, also when conditions change during the course of the examination.

Siemens - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Orthopedics
PD TSE FatSat, GRAPPA 2, 512 matrix, SL 3 mm, TR 3000, TE 34, TA 1:57 min

The standard Ortho Suite comes with a comprehensive collection of protocols for joint imaging, including the spine. Tim 4G’s ultra high-density coils for MSK imaging improve SNR and anatomic coverage. DotGO’s customizable workflows feature AutoAlign and AutoCoverage for knee, hip, and shoulder and MPR planning for fast 3D measurements and Inline 3D multiplanar reformatting. WARP1 offers a comprehensive suite of techniques including Advanced WARP1, which provides susceptibility artifact reduction functionality (such as needed for MR conditional metal implants).

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Body MRI
3D T1 VIBE, GRAPPA 3, 288 matrix,SL 1.8 mm, TR 3.7, TE 1.7, TA 20 s
(St. Franziskus Hospital, Münster, Germany)

Profit from new certainty in Body MRI: FREEZEit helps you overcome motion and incorrect timing to open up new diagnostic possibilities. With the Abdomen Dot Engine, standardized, efficient, and comprehensive workflows for the upper abdomen with excellent image quality are provided. With LiverLab you can perform quantitative liver evaluation, non-invasively, on the fly. Additionally, ultra-fast, high-resolution, 2D and 3D protocols are provided for abdomen, pelvis, MR Colonography, MRCP, dynamic kidney, and MR Urography applications.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Cardiology
(Image: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA)

The Cardiac Suite covers comprehensive 2D routine cardiac applications, ranging from morphology and ventricular function to tissue characterization. MyoMaps provides an additional layer of valuable diagnostic information about even subtle changes in tissue composition – on the fly. DotGO’s on-board guidance helps make cardiac part of your clinical routine. The Cardiac Dot Engine simplifies complete cardiac localization with AutoAlign Heart.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Angiography
Angiography :
3D FLASH ToF, MIP, GRAPPA 2, 320 matrix, SL 1.3 mm,TR 27, TE 7, TA 6:52 min

With the Angio Suite, excellent MR Angiography can be performed to visualize arteries and veins with or without contrast agent. For scans with contrast media, the Angio Dot Engine helps realize optimized bolus timing at every examination. Real-time graphics and AutoVoice Commands assist the user in organizing the ideal timing of breathing, scanning, and contrast media.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Breast MRI
Women's Health:
3D dynVIEWS SPAIR, GRAPPA 2, 384 matrix, SL 1.5 mm, TR 4.8, TE 1.7, TA 1:02 min

From clinical imaging to biopsy guidance, you can count on a wide selection of breast coils and outstanding image quality. Additionally, MAGNETOM Aera's 70 cm open bore makes it possible to comfortably accommodate more patients. Excellent soft tissue differentiation, customized protocols (e.g. with fat saturation or water excitation or silicone excitation), as well as flexible multiplanar visualization allow for fast, simple, and reproducible evaluation of MRI breast examinations. The Breast Dot Engine offers different workflows for optimized image quality and consistency.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Prostate MRI
Men´s Health:
T2 TSE Restore, GRAPPA 2, with BLADE, 320 matrix, SL 3 mm, TR 2600, TE 126, TA 2:30 min
(Centre Republique, Clermont Ferrand, France)

Prostate MRI utilizes high-channel surface coils, offering a non-invasive and highly accurate technique for the early detection of prostate cancer. Our top-of-the-line solution, the Body 60 coil, can be used to reduce scan times helping to improve your institutions´ process efficiency.
With MAGNETOM Aera you benefit from a comprehensive solution portfolio for certainty in prostate cancer assessment, ranging from coils, scan applications, reading and reporting software, to therapy monitoring tools.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Aera - Image - Pediatric MRI
REVEAL, T2 STIR, b-value 800, inverted, 5 steps, GRAPPA 2, SL 5 mm, TR 15400, TE 75, TI 180, TA 0.02 s/slice
(University Hospital Saarland, Homburg, Germany)

Tissue relaxation times in pediatrics2 are very different compared to those of adults. The reasons for these differences are: developing tissues, body size, faster heart rates, and compliance with breathhold commands. With MAGNETOM Aera, protocols are available to be adapted for imaging infants.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Aera - Oncology

MAGNETOM Aera’s Onco Suite features a collection of sequences, protocols, and evaluation tools that guide users through the detailed assessment of a variety of oncological conditions. Acquire whole body coverage for metastasis staging in a single, continuous move with the TimCT Onco Dot Engine. Together with Dot’s on-board guidance, this innovative technology improves patient throughput and provides superb image quality.


Technical Details

MAGNETOM Aera, as the top-of-the-line 1.5T scanner, offers various technological features, aiding you in obtaining excellent image quality and maximizing 1.5T. Every case. Every day.

Magnet System


Field strength

1.5 Tesla

Bore size

70 cm Open Bore Design

Magnet length

137 cm

Helium consumption

Zero Helium boil-off technology



Gradient strength

XJ Gradients (33 mT/m @ 125 T/m/s)
XQ Gradients (45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)



RF technology


Maximum number of channels1


Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in one single scan and in one single FoV, each generating an independent partial image

24, 48, 64



Siting and Installation


System length

145 cm

System weight (in operation)

4.8 tons

Minimum room size2

30 m2