E’ la chiave del 3T.


It´s the key to 3T.

Saravana Scans, Chennai, India

In Chennai, India, Dr. Saravanan, Chief Radiologist and owner of Saravana Scans, sees a bright future of 3T for any MRI examination and is convinced that MAGNETOM Spectra will play its part at the forefront of 3T MRI in the near future.

Island Hospital, Penang, Malaysia

For Dr. Chan Kok Ewe, Director of Island Hospitals, the mission is clear: to provide excellent patient care and to delight the patient. This is why more than 40% of the patients come from abroad to benefit from the hospitals very high quality standards.

Kajikawa Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan

Kajikawa Hospital specializes in neurological diseases. Dr. Wakabayashi, Neurosurgeon and director of the hospital explains that the link between radiology and surgery is extremely important for high-quality treatment.

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, China

For Dr. Liu Yuan Jian, both an efficient workflow and consistently high image quality are key factors for providing excellent patient care with every MRI exam.


It´s the key to 3T.

MAGNETOM Spectra - It´s the key to 3T

It´s the key to 3T


Experience MAGNETOM Spectra in this 3D Video Feature.

Sportklinik Bad Nauheim

Find out why MAGNETOM Spectra was the obvious choice for the Sportklinik Bad Nauheim.

Prof. Dr. Kaori Togashi, Kyoto, Japan, on 3 Tesla

3 Tesla is part of the future. It contributes a lot to the health care of patients.

Dr. med. Serhan Atilla, Istanbul, Turkey, on 3 Tesla

Our goal is reproducible, high quality images from any type of patient. 3T of course has the advantage of its better image quality. With that image quality we will come to better patient confidence and better clinical results.

Dr. med. Romeu Domingues, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 3 Tesla

You have to balance between technology and quality and economical sustainability.
3 Tesla is part of the future. If you have a very good radiologist, he will ask for 3T. For sure!

A system that offers unprecedented access to 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging? The answer is MAGNETOM® Spectra1.It’s the key to a new scope of image and healthcare quality for patients. It’s the key to a new level of usability and diagnostic confidence for physicians. And, it’s the key to ensure premium patient care at an attractive total cost of ownership for radiologists. If access is what you are looking for, then MAGNETOM Spectra is your key to 3T.

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1The product might not be approved in some countries or, for other reasons, not yet commercially available.