MRI in Radiation Therapy

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MRI in Radiation Therapy
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The MAGNETOM World is the community of Siemens MR users worldwide, providing you with relevant clinical information. Here you will find application tips and protocols developed by medical professionals that may optimize your daily work. Lectures and presentations from experts in the field will allow you to be exposed to new ideas and alternative clinical approaches.

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MAGNETOM systems are indicated for use as magnetic resonance diagnostic devices (MRDD) that produce transverse, sagittal, coronal and oblique cross sectional images, spectroscopic images and/or spectra, and that display the internal structure and/or function of the head, body or extremities. These images and/or spectra and the physical parameters derived from the images and/or spectra when interpreted by a trained physician, yield information that may assist in diagnosis.. The study protocols, application tips, lectures and presentations contained in this document were developed entirely by the medical professionals identified in the respective articles. These medical professionals did not receive financial support or any other kind of assistance from Siemens Healthineers.

Patient results may vary depending on many factors including system, software version, options, coils, technique and patient condition. Siemens Healthineers is not responsible or liable for results.