syngo.MR OncoCare

syngo.MR OncoCare is your new tool for advanced oncology reading, designed to positively address therapy benefit.

With its histogram analysis, back-mapping, and trending functionalities, syngo.MR OncoCare offers a solution for quantitative evaluation of functional lesion response to treatment.

Features & Benefits


As extension of the MR Oncology workflow, syngo.MR OncoCare provides rich feature sets for histogram analysis and trending over multiple time points:

  • VOI- and ROI-based histogram analysis
  • Intuitive color definition for three histogram domains
  • Savable presets for histogram analysis
  • Back-mapping of histogram colors on the image of reference
  • Export in .CSV format of pixel intensity values
  • Trending plot


  • Improved communication towards referrers and oncologists with the back-mapping functionality
  • Additional research possibilities with the export functionality

Histograms: Here, red indicates low ADC coefficient (area of concern), green high ADC coefficient (not of concern).


Back-mapping: The user-defined volume of interest can be “back-mapped” with colors that correlate to the histogram values. Here the patient’s histograms indicate a growth in area of concern from first exam (8% lower row) to follow-up exam (11% upper row), indicating that this patient may not be responding to therapy.

Trending plots

Trending plots: can be saved and included in structured reports.

General Requirements


syngo.via VB10
syngo.MR Onco

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.