MAGNETOM SolaEmbrace human nature at 1.5T

MAGNETOM Sola – the first 1.5T MRI system with BioMatrix Technology – automatically adjusts to patient biovariability to overcome unwarranted variations in MRI examinations. The outcome: fewer rescans, predictable scheduling and consistent, high-quality personalized exams with increased productivity. MAGNETOM Sola with BioMatrix Technology embraces human nature – expanding precision medicine.



Beat Sensor comparison

BioMatrix Beat Sensor  

Complete cardiac MRI exams without ECG leads. Speeds up your workflow and increases patient comfort. Learn more

myExam Implant Suite

myExam Implant Suite1

myExam Implant Suite solves the complexities of scanning patients with implants.

Deep Resolve Boost

Deep Resolve Boost 

Deep Resolve Boost is our first raw data-to-image deep learning reconstruction technology that enables high SNR and radically accelerated image acquisition.
Learn more

myExam Autopilot

myExam Autopilot

myExam Autopilot offers users most advanced and intelligent automation. It enables users to scan at high quality with just a simple click.
Learn more

Features & Benefits


myExam Companion

Deep Resolve

New 1.5T magnet

BioMatrix Sensors

BioMatrix Tuners

BioMatrix Interfaces

Accelerated applications

Free-breathing examsEfficient energy managementAnatomy-adaptive coils
    Embrace consistency at 1.5T with BioMatrix Technology

    MAGNETOM Sola achieves a new level of consistency with BioMatrix Technology and meets throughput demands with high efficiency - together with our unique Tim 4G coil portfolio. The result: fewer rescans, higher diagnostic confidence, predictable patient scheduling, and consistent, high-quality personalized exams.

    Shaping next gen AI

    Deep Resolve

    Deep Resolve, our AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of convolutional neural networks that accelerate the MR scans. Faster scans boost workflow efficiency while improving the patient experience. Deep Resolve’s raw data-to-image reconstruction and very fast acquisition are game changers in MRI, helping to generate actionable insights that can be diagnostically relevant – faster than ever before.

    In combination with our exclusive Turbo Suite which includes disruptive acceleration technologies, Simultaneous Multi-Slice and Compressed Sensing, we are able to shorten the entire examinations for the whole spectrum of clinical MRI. 

    myExam Companion breaks down the barriers of complex MRI operations using a new philosophy on how to operate MRI. And our new innovative myExam Autopilot enables healthcare professionals of any skill level to perform routine MRI.

    Embrace new clinical capabilities at 1.5T with Inline Compressed Sensing

    Grant patients access to MRI that previously had to be excluded because of their medical condition or due to the exam’s complexity. Free-breathing and Compressed Sensing applications help improve the patient experience, while extending your range of services. Significantly simplified procedures with automated workflow strengthen clinical fields with growth potential such as whole-body MRI.

    Clinical Use


    See what you can accomplish clinically and expand precision medicine with high-resolution MR images. Visit the MR Clinical Image Gallery.

    Technical Details

    Magnet System

    Field strength

    1.5 Tesla

    Bore size

    70 cm Open Bore design

    Helium consumption

    Zero Helium boil-off technology

    XJ Gradient performance

    Max. amplitude

    57 mT/m4
    (33 mT/m for every gradient axis)

    Max. slew rate

    216 T/m/s4
    (125 T/m/s for every gradient axis)

    XQ Gradient performance

    Max. amplitude

    78 mT/m4
    (45 mT/m for every gradient axis)

    Max. slew rate

    346 T/m/s4
    (200 T/m/s for every gradient axis)

    RF technology


    Maximum number of channels2


    Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in one single scan
    and in one single FoV, each generating an independent partial image

    32, 48, 64

    Power consumption

    Eco-Power technology

    Siting and Installation

    System length

    157 cm cover to cover

    System weight (in operation)

    4.2 tons

    Minimum room size3

    28 m2 / 302 sq ft

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