Deep Resolve Boost 

Mobilizing the power of networks.

Deep Resolve Boost uses raw-data-to-image deep learning reconstruction technology. It can radically shorten scan time - for scans that are faster than ever before. Deep Resolve Boost is applicable from head-to-toe, enabling a total knee exam in just two minutes, without compromising image resolution. MRI has never been this fast.

The denoising strength can be adapted by choosing from three levels. Deep Resolve Boost can be combined with Deep Resolve Sharp and SMS TSE, rendering this the industry first k-space to-image-space deep learning reconstruction that can be combined with SMS TSE.

  • Raw-data-to-image deep learning reconstruction enabling strong denoising for strong acquisition acceleration
  • Three selectable denoising strengths
  • Combinable with Deep Resolve Sharp and SMS TSE

General Requirements


  • MAGNETOM Lumina
  • MAGNETOM Vida Fit
  • MAGNETOM Altea1 
  • MAGNETOM  Sola1
  • MAGNETOM Sola Fit1

Minimum Software Version

syngo MR XA50A

syngo MR XA51A2


Additional technical prerequisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.
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