MRI Patient Experience

MRI patient experienceComfort. Speed. Entertainment. MRI.

Help patients overcome anxiety by turning MRI into a comfortable, fast, and entertaining experience.

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Relaxing atmosphere

Help patients relax the minute they enter the room with our MoodLight. You can also design a calming theme for your scan room using scanner skins, projections, or wall coverings.

Patient comfort

Put your patients at ease and provide additional comfort in the MRI with Quiet Suite, soft and ultra-lightweight coils, and positioning aids.

Patient infotainment

In the bore, patients can feel claustrophobic and tense, due to the unknown. Educate them before the exam starts using a mini MRI scanner mock-up or MRI models. You can also entertain your patients with in-bore infotainment solutions that redefine the MRI experience.


Patients who feel uncomfortable during a scan will sometimes move or breathe when they shouldn’t. Scan your patients fast with clinical applications that complete the MRI exam much quicker than conventional methods. Adapt scanning by offering MRI with free-breathing exams for patients who are unable to hold their breath. Provide your staff with our GO technologies, which make scanning fast, more intuitive, and consistent across your scanner fleet.

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