Angiography Education

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Our hybrid learning solutions impart both knowledge and competence with a mix of personal, remote, and virtual learning formats. They are not about certain technologies or didactic methods being superior to others, but about finding the ideal mix and combination for every learner. 

With a hybrid approach to learning, you can enhance staff competency, increase workforce productivity, optimize clinical operations, and build a strong education strategy to sustain your workforce.

PEPconnect is the foundation of the education experience offered by Siemens Healthineers, providing personalized online education for healthcare professionals – designed to increase your competency, efficiency, and productivity.

    • Explore engaging learning activities – including e-learnings, webinars, job aids, videos, virtual classrooms, and more
    • Create your own virtual learning experience with an individual profile, education plan, and transcript to record your training and subscribe to services and content
    • Benefit from the online network of professionals and connect, communicate, and be part of social learning groups

Advanced Case Support

CrewPlace™ Responder

Tap into your equipment's full potential and receive ongoing educational case support via our flexible self-service scheduling tool, CrewPlace.

You can gain access to a local team that can support you during advanced procedures to optimize utilization of advanced software features. By leveraging our case support resources, you can position your institution as the provider of choice and stay competitive by delivering high-quality patient care.

Classroom Trainings

FlexForce Tech 

FlexForce Tech

FlexForce Techs are highly experienced in helping clinical staff get the most out of their time and equipment. 

  • Fully vetted, OEM-trained licensed technologist 
  • Connected to a global team of Siemens Healthineers for support
  • Siemens Healthineers certification eligible via ongoing training to ensure industry relevance 
  • Flexible engagements ranging from four weeks to several years

With our CrewPlace™ Tech program, we can also connect you with trained, vendor-agnostic technologists to operate your non-Siemens Healthineers equipment and meet the demanding needs of your operations. 

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