FlexForce™ Tech

FlexForce® TechSkills Delivered.

How do you raise clinical staff engagement? With another pair of hands…vendor-trained and ready to go.

A best-in-class solution, FlexForce Tech from Siemens Healthineers can help your clinical staff to more efficiently deliver patient care—while helping you meet organizational needs for scalability, productivity, and quality without sacrifice.

Features & Benefits

Our FlexForce Tech team members are highly experienced in helping clinical staff get the most out of their time and their equipment. An experienced team member will partner with you at each step to ensure your organizational needs are met and the right person is identified to align with your objectives and challenges.

  • Fully vetted, vendor-trained licensed technologist
  • Connected to a global team of Siemens Healthineers for support
  • Siemens Healthineers certification eligible via ongoing training to ensure industry relevance
  • Flexible engagements, from 3-months to several years 

Key Benefits

Number 1

Higher staff engagement as a result of increased workforce confidence and competencies

Number 1

Maximize financial performance by reducing overhead costs and ability to provide more exams

Number 1

Increase efficiencies with expert technologist trained to get the most out of your equipment

Our Approach

Siemens partners with you at each step to ensure your organization’s needs are identified and the right person is identified to align with your objectives. Planned updates ensure your goals stay on track.

Number 1

Define Needs

  • Organization goals identified
  • Needs Analysis conducted
  • Clinical skillset
  • Procedure types
  • Equipment types
  • Working hours
  • On-call requirements

Number 1

Identify Talent

  • FlexForce™ Tech skillset matched to organization goals & needs
Number 1


  • Kick-off meeting held with customer, FlexForce™ Tech, and SH Resource Manager to align expectations
  • FlexForce™ Tech to complete any hospital orientation or onboarding as needed
  • FlexForce™ Tech enabled to begin patient care
Number 1

Re-evaluate for Continued Need

  • Ongoing assessments to ensure FlexForce™ Tech is matching customer expectations
  • Alignment of those results toward organization goals
  • Discuss need for continuation of or additional FlexForce™ Workforce Solutions within the organization