FlexForce™ Coach

FlexForce Coach

Performance Growth Delivered.

FlexForce®  Coach from Siemens Healthineers is the industry’s most comprehensive staff development and performance consulting solution that delivers lasting value to your organization, personalized to meet your needs of today and into the future.

Features & Benefits

With Siemens Healthineers FlexForce Coach, healthcare facilities are enabled with the tools, resources and expertise to deliver positive outcomes for both the organization and its patients.

  • On-Site expert trainer with modality specific training and experience
  • Siemens-certified performance coach training
  • Project management training
  • Personalized curricula aligned with organization goals
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Flexible engagements, from 3 to 6 months to several years

Key Benefits

Number 1

Improved patient satisfaction as a result of trained, dedicated providers

Number 1

Enabling Standardization across multiple work shifts and facility locations

Number 1

Increased efficiencies by following the same set of protocols when creating images

Number 1

Retain talent by cultivating an environment of more satisfied employees

Our Approach

Siemens partners with you at each step to ensure your organization’s needs are identified, a comprehensive plan is built, and coaching implemented; all the while progress is being tracked and reportedly to key stakeholders to ensure alignment.

Number 1

Define needs & align solution

  • Organization goals identified
  • Needs Assessment conducted
  • Results aligned against department goals to ensure FlexForce™ Coach is correct solution

Number 1

Identify dedicated coach & develop your plan

  • Performance Coach skillset matched to organization goals
  • Coach supports deployment of Clinical Self-Assessment, providing additional input as needed
  • Training plan created based on results
Number 1

Implement & execute

  • Onsite expert training on equipment and software
  • Protocol Standardization and Optimization across systems and geographies
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • PEPconnections training plans established, if applicable
Number 1

Measure results & re-evaluate

  • Ongoing assessments
  • Alignment of those results toward organization goals
  • Quarterly report to stakeholders
  • Modify training plan if needed to ensure outcomes are aligning to expectations
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