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The healthcare market is different than any other. You face unique challenges—everything from changing reimbursements to patient satisfaction and care quality measures. To succeed, your leaders, managers, and individual contributors need real-life solutions applicable to the rapid and specific challenges of healthcare delivery. 

Your Potential is calling.

Our Approach

The Healthcare Workforce Development Series is a customized approach to staff development that uses innovative, interactive formats to help your staff implement new techniques to effectively thrive and drive the highest quality of patient care. The series includes workshops for three different audiences: your front-line staff, your managers, and your executives. Held at your location, the workshops begin with a series of pre-assessments so we can truly personalize the content to your staff’s—and your organization’s—exact needs.

Workshops for Frontline Staff

Up to 25 attendees can participate in a workshop for frontline staff.

• Dealing with Conflict
• Workplace Communication
• Emotional Intelligence
• Bridging the Generational Gap in the Workplace

Workshops for Managers

Up to 15 attendees can participate in a workshop for managers. 
Both current and aspiring leaders in your organization can benefit 
from the workshops offered specifically for managers.

• From Complaints to Solutions
• Dealing with Conflict
• Effective Influencing
• Understanding Change
• Behavioral Interviewing
• Coaching
• Workplace Communication
• Performance Management 1 and 2
• Managing Multi-Generations
• Emotional Intelligence

Workshops for Executives

Up to 8 attendees can participate in the one-day workshop for executives.

• Work of Leaders

Key Benefits

When every staff member of your organization is motivated by a common vision and provided the tools they need to operate as an effective, efficient team, your organization can be well positioned to reach high levels of patient care and satisfaction.


Focus on quality patient care at all organizational levels

Faster staff engagement, accountability, and ownership

Promote high employee satisfaction and individual job performance improvement

Provide practical solutions that enable quick successes and sustained results

Develop future leaders within your organization

“The seminar was excellent. It was both interactive and reflective and I felt they provided tools we could implement immediately. Thanks so much for the opportunity because it was one of the most rewarding instructional events I have attended.”
Parul Galloway, Chapel Hill Office Manager

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