Technical Service Training

Technical Service TrainingOEM biomedical education designed to minimize downtime and proactively address maintenance needs

Equip your specialized team with the latest insights and skills to deliver unparalleled support and maintenance to your state-of-the-art imaging systems, empowering medical professionals to provide the highest standard of care for your patients.

Features & Benefits

Siemens Healthineers

Located in Cary, NC, our Training and Development Center is home to our imaging and laboratory diagnostic equipment training for our customers and service engineers.

There are more than 1,000 technical training classes and programs, available now and delivered in ways that minimize staff scheduling disruptions.

  • Classroom training
  • Hands-on training
  • On-site training at customer’s facility
  • Virtual web-based training

Key Benefits of OEM Technical Service Training 

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, biomedical and clinical engineering departments in hospitals face three critical challenges that demand immediate attention.

Proactive Plan

Regulatory Compliance

Siemens Healthineers technical training provides the necessary resources, tools, and expertise to navigate complex regulatory requirements. 

Customer Service Engineer performing equipment maintenance

Equipment Maintenance & Downtime

Implement proactive measures and identify potential issues before they escalate and cause significant equipment downtime. 

People having conversations

Workforce Development & Retention

These programs enhance your staff's technical skills and knowledge, empowering them to efficiently maintain, troubleshoot, and repair medical imaging systems. 

Technician educating fellow technicians on new equipment

Preventative and Corrective Maintenance courses are system specific, focusing on the important knowledge, skills, and abilities required by biomedical and clinical engineering professionals to maintain their imaging systems to manufacturers guidelines, as well as identify and potentially intervene for first-fix tasks, thus avoiding costly system downtime.

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