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First-Level Support EducationMaximize Uptime, Reduce Costs, and Empower Your Team with OEM System-Specific Training.

Our OEM system specific technical training programs are designed to empower clinical engineering professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to keep your systems up and running. Our programs are concise and practical, and they are delivered by experienced instructors who are experts in the specific systems you use.

Prevent and correct system issues 

Technician educating fellow technicians on new equipment

Our First Level Support Education program consists of preventative and corrective maintenance courses focused  on the important knowledge, skills, and abilities required by clinical engineering professionals to: 

  1. Maintain their imaging systems to manufacturers guidelines.
  2. Identify and potentially intervene for first-fix tasks, thus avoiding costly system downtime.
  3. Improve and maintain compliance with system preventative maintenance requirements, 

    which can help to prevent costly downtime and equipment failures.

Both preventative and corrective maintenance curriculums are system-specific and offered over one week, so you effectively allocate your education dollars to the courses your staff need. 

First Level Support training programs help organizations to reduce system downtime 

Implementing a Corrective Maintenance Program and expanding in-house capabilities could help organizations decrease system downtime by more than 60%.1

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