Share 360

Share360™Strengthen your in-house clinical engineering expertise through a strategic level of service solutions


Share360 is designed to help your department meet its strategic goals, increase its efficiency, and work toward success. Working together, we’ll develop a tailored solution with flexible service agreements.

Share360 Connect includes support services for clinical engineering teams that take an independent approach to fleet management. Expect as-needed assistance to augment internal capabilities, with absolutely no strings attached.

Share360 Connect provides on-demand level of support providing enterprise-wide backup only when you need it. Benefits include:

  • Customized set of implementation resources to support your service needs.
  • Expertise and tools for a solid foundation in managing your team's operational budget.
  • Preferred access to Siemens Healthineers proprietary technology.

Share360 Engage offers a comprehensive menu of options to assist your clinical engineering team to maintain peak performance enterprise-wide. With this offer you can:

  • Augment your core competencies by leveraging our proven service expertise and infrastructure to find new levels of efficiency and imaging performance.
  • Design and tailor the level of support based on your critically and financial needs.
  • Develop skills specific to servicing equipment from Siemens Healthineers through technical training and a staff development roadmap.

Share360 Empower is an ongoing synergistic relationship that helps your clinical engineering team by creating true integration for an unprecedented level of partnership. With this relationship with Siemens Healthineers you can:

  • Blend your expertise and ours for a synergistic relationship and new level of engineering excellence.
  • Access our complete proprietary resource portfolio to maximize your operational efficiencies while improving quality of service.
  • Fully leverage our service infrastructure through an ongoing consulting relationship designed to help optimize your imaging fleet.

Features & Benefits

Key Benefits

Achieve savings to your bottom line and reduce time to repair by outsourcing your call center

Improve quality through real-time documentation of issue management

Facilitate strategic planning and value demonstration with access to Siemens Healthineers expertise and customized reporting

Establish a staff development plan to help refine skills as technology evolves

Technical Specifications

Together we will design where you want to go, equip you with a suite of tools to implement and help you monitor and adjust along your journey

Through a comprehensive in-house design assessment, we identify your current pain points and co-develop a roadmap to your future-state.

We provide you with a suite of tools and resources, such as in-house virtual office, to boost your department to achieve success.

Regular touchpoints are established in the design phase to monitor your progress and modify/adapt the roadmap as necessary.

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